first_imgThe Garden Resort in Tisno has been voted among the 10 best European festival locations by the influential The Guardian, gaining the support of major media outlets such as The Telegraph, The Independent, DJ Mag, with the support of local, national and regional media. Festival visitors come from all over the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Iceland, and from all over Europe, to witness the unique blend of holiday with a musical background.The festival that was the first to place Croatia among the festival destinations and started an avalanche of young tourists from Great Britain, thus encouraging the arrival of Ryanair in Zadar. However, all this is not enough and relevant, and after six years The Garden Resort is leaving Tisno, and maybe even Croatia, announced Nick Colgan, the organizer of The Garden Festival.Reason? The classic Croatian problem – politics and petty interest of individuals.Because of politics, not markets. If we look from the market side, the Garden Festival has revived Tisno, each year attracting 20 foreign guests from more than 000 countries (a total of over 40 guests since Garden in Tisno) who spend about 120.000 euros per day and stay a minimum of 100 days, and this year’s budget of external promoters alone is approximately 7 million euros for the program part alone. After the arrival of the Garden in Tisno, the number of tourists increased by over 1,5%, and if we only roughly calculate 30 tourists x 120.000 euros x 100 days, we come to the exact number and tourist consumption generated directly in Tisno. And when we add the funds invested in the promotion of the destination and the fact that tomorrow, in a few years, when these same guests become parents, they will return to Tisno as another type of guest, it is quite clear how harmful the decision to leave the Garden Festival is Tisno and the whole region, including Croatia.Insane and out of every mind. But… always that but in Lijepa naša.Namely, this Monday, May 28, the Municipal Council of Tisno voted to re-issue the work permit to the Vortex beach bar, which was revoked last year due to illegal work right next to the location of the Garden Festival. What is controversial throughout the story is that the license allows Vortex to play extremely loud music between 07:00 and 12:00 in the morning from June 15 to September 1, thus preventing the festival guests from taking a morning break. “Based on the annual complaints of our guests and foreign partners, we have continuously warned about this problem. This decision of the Municipal Council of Tisno prevented us from doing business responsibly and fulfilling the contractual obligations we have assumed towards our guests. Following the above, The Garden team has been leaving Tisno since 2019, and with the support of international event organizers, we have started talks on a new location for 2019. ” Nick Colgan explained his decision.Interestingly, if it weren’t for the Garden Festival, there wouldn’t be a Vortex beach bar, but that doesn’t mean anything when our politics and petty private interests are involved in the game.Nick Colgan, host of The Garden Resort: It is amazing that it is the representatives of our friends from Tisno who make this decision”Although we are very happy in Tisno and still have a contract with Hostina, the owners of the location, this will be our last year as we will host international events in Tisno. We will be actively looking for a new location for the 2019 season and beyond and we already have several new locations in mind. The decision of the Municipal Council in Tisno, which allows Vortex to work right next to us and during our events from 07:00 to 12:00 with loud music, prevents The Garden from providing a comfortable environment in which our guests can sleep so that they will not return in the future. We offer a small percentage of beds for festival guests, and most of them stay in Tisno, Jezera, Betina and Murter. We are shocked by the Council’s decision and feel they are looking at things short-sightedly. It seems incredible to me that small particular interests stop a project that brings over 20 foreign guests to Tisno over eight weeks. The decision to leave Tisno was not an easy one, but staying in such an environment would permanently jeopardize the project in which we, together with our foreign partners, have invested a great deal of energy and financial resources. The inappropriately loud music of the local bar does not allow people to relax in the morning and guests no longer want to stay on site.This year we expect up to 20 visitors from more than 000 countries around the world who spend around € 40 per day and stay for a minimum of 100 days, and this year’s external promoters budget is around € 7 million for the program part alone. This is the best year so far, four of the six events are sold out in advance for this season, and we also have two new events planned for next year, as well as one smaller event in the preseason. This year we have additionally invested in mobile homes inside the camp site, but now these guests will be completely disrupted by the Vortex. In a conversation with other local government leaders, we will try to find a new destination for The Garden in Croatia. We feel responsible and we feel sorry for the many locals who have contacted us and in recent years invested in their accommodation facilities based on our guests. We believe that the Municipal Council has made a decision that is not well thought out and is harmful in the long run for the local population with whom we work extremely well. It is unbelievable that the representatives of our friends from Tisno make such a decision. “The noise that is created at their unofficial after parties leads to numerous complaints, inability to sleep which means that our visitors cannot rest, which then affects their commitment to our festival. It often ends up with hordes of visitors trying to sleep through the day which is neither ideal nor good looking. It is far from what we expect from our festival and for our community it is a serious problem. We had about 100-150 people who told us that because of that they would not return to the festival, and those are the only ones we know about. This has ruined our daily program, Vortex is obviously taking advantage of the hard work and investment of us, you and other festivals at The Garden Resort in Tisno. We can’t sell any camp accommodation options because people will only ask for a refund due to the noise level produced by Vortex outside normal hours, and this in turn has a real commercial impact on our ability for the festival to grow. Simply, if this presents us with further problems in 2018, we will have no choice but to look for alternative locations in 2019, which is far from our business strategy and desires because we love working with The Garden and trust them. And The Garden is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. We do not want to be evicted by an unofficial third party. That would be a terrible pity.”Nick Colgan said in a statement.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”How to explain such a Decision to someone normal, and especially to foreigners and foreign investors, as well as the whole way of doing business in Croatia, and especially in local areas where various local “sheriffs” make such decisions. Croatia chronically lacks a market economy, not a contract economy, which is the case here.Unfortunately, to date, there has been no reaction from the Ministry of Tourism and the CNTB, but it is easiest to say that this is not their problem and distance yourself from everything. What image do we send outwards, both to guests and to investors? What picture am I sending about ourselves?This is a classic example of Croatian reality and the real situation on the ground. That is why we are in this situation in the country and that is why young people go to look for their future in other countries. So much for the strategic development of our tourist destinations and our tourism.One is politics and the other is market and strategic development that should be in everyone’s interest. Because of such things, tourist destinations are stagnating or developing too slowly, and the biggest losers are all. From hotels, landlords, restaurants, museums, etc.… all in a tourist destination. That is why it is necessary for everyone in the destination to unite and look for market changes and development, not political ones. Politics has nothing to do with it, at least it shouldn’t have, this is a matter of development and markets.Too much politics, and too little profession, strategic and market development.This has nothing to do with the market, but solely a political decision. Citizens of Tisno, if you are wondering why you are stagnant and there is no development, why you cannot live from tourism all year round, why your children are leaving, ask the people responsible for the development of the Municipality and tourist destinations in Tisno Municipal Council.And therein lies our whole problem in tourism. Smart enough.last_img read more

first_img40 Tiverton Place, Bridgeman Downs is ready to make a splash at auction.There’s a secure video-gated entry, extensive landscaping including 4000 planted trees, as well as a five-car garage and six-car guests parking area.The home goes to auction Thursday November 16 at 6pm.Follow Kieran Clair on Twitter at @kieranclair Apres-ski anybody?Even the ducted air conditioning outlets have been custom coloured to hide within the woodgrain ceiling.Features include a 400 bottle wine cellar, Vacumaid and designer kitchen. The home looks cosy despite its sizeThere’s a fireplace set into the tiled lounge feature wall while the soaring ceilings add to the chalet feel, but stepping out to the pool pavilion on a warm day will readjust your internal compass to the Sunshine State. A natural finish was paramount at this stunning northern suburbs home.IF you love the idea of ski resort but prefer the sunshine-holiday lifestyle, 40 Tiverton Place, Bridgeman Downs could be just the compromise you’re seeking. 40 Tiverton Place, Bridgeman Downs has room for a huge familyThe six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home didn’t come in short on its natural finish.And with 720sq m of total floor area, including a main bedroom ‘wing’, there’s plenty of room to spread out too.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus1 day agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market1 day agoThere’s a dominant look of rock and timber that will have you wondering if you’ve woken up on the Whistler ski fields.last_img read more

first_img HOW TO SAVE RENT IF YOU CAN’T MOVE BACK HOME *Ask for a discount. Your landlord may be willing to reduce your rent, but if you don’t ask, they almost certainly won’t. *Add a roommate. Renting out a spare room can alleviate a lot of bill stress. Make sure you check with the landlord first.*Tap into your spare space. Do you have unused garage or storage space that you could rent out? The extra cash can go towards the weekly rent.*Save on other necessities. Whether it is a cheaper energy provider or a better mobile phone plan, it all adds up.(Source: Finder) Maya Rosalina and her parents, Anna and Frank Lowe, at their house in Sunnybank. Maya was renting, but lost her job due to COVID-19 and had to move back in with her parents. Picture: Jamie Hanson.THOUSANDS of Queenslanders have been forced to move back in with mum and dad after being financially hamstrung by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new survey reveals.One in four households in the state have adult children living at home, and more than a third of them made the move because of the coronavirus, according to, a comparison website.People increasingly breaking their leases to move back home was part of the reason for a junp in rental listings in the wake of the lockdown.Finder’s personal finance expert Kate Browne said the recent job losses and income cuts had left thousands of adult kids or ‘kidults’ (aged 21 and over) without enough money to pay the rent and bills.“From young professionals who have lost their jobs, to expatriates returning from overseas, COVID-19 has had a negative financial impact on many Aussies,” Ms Browne said. “Some have no choice but to move back in with mum and dad.” But Ms Browne said that might not be the only reason young adults had decided to move back home.“Others may have also moved back home to help their older parents during the lockdown,” she said. “There are some very vulnerable people in the community, so having the option to move in with family and help out around the house is a good thing.”It could have implications for parents who thought their kids had flown the coup though, Ms Browne said. “Many adult kids are returning to their childhood bedrooms, setting up workstations in the dining room and asking, ‘what’s for dinner?’.“While some parents will be delighted to have kids move back in, whether or not they can handle an increase in the energy, water and food bill remains to be seen.”The Finder survey was undertaken in May and involved more than 1000 Australians aged 18 and above.Brisbane’s Maya Rosalina, 27, had been renting and was about to sign a lease for another apartment in Woolloongabba when she lost her job as a dental assistant in the fallout from the pandemic. “I had paid the bond money and two weeks’ rent and then I got the news that the clinic was going to close until further notice,” Miss Rosalina said.“The uncertainty scared me and I wasn’t sure how long this was going to last.“I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford my rent because it could go on for months and at that moment, government help wasn’t around, so I decided to move back home with my parents.”Miss Rosalina also had to stop her other job as a lash technician.She admits moving back in with her parents in Sunnybank has been challenging.“It was good for a little while… but it’s just that when you move out you do it because you just want your own space,” she said.“My mum loves it, she’s like; ‘Don’t go!’ and my dad was like; ‘I knew you would come back one day’.” chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the good news was that rental listings had started to decline again.“If we compare the first 20 days of May to the same time last year, they are now down 12.9 per cent in Brisbane and 14.3 per cent in the rest of Queensland,” Ms Conisbee said.“The increase in listings post COVID-19 was sharp and sudden. It was mainly driven by high levels of distress in the rental market. Renters were highly exposed to job loss (younger, more likely to be casual employees and more exposed to tourism, hospitality and education) and it is likely that many looked to move back home (particularly if they were students) or into share accommodation. “The decline in listings … means that the decline in rental levels will start to moderate and that renters are in a better position than they were once the lockdown began.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus9 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market9 hours agoBut a new report by Compass Housing Services shows rental stress was already a problem before the advent of COVID-19.“Even before the current crisis working families with average incomes often struggled to rent suitable properties close to jobs,” report author Martin Kennedy said.“Throw in the possibility of reduced hours or a job loss due to COVID-19 and things can become very tough indeed. “Although rents are expected to fall in the short term due to more stock coming on to the market, they may not fall far enough to become affordable for typical renting households.”The report found the annual income required to rent a three-bedroom home in Brisbane’s inner suburbs without experiencing housing stress was $96,200 — $15,814 more than a typical renting household makes in a year. Avoiding housing stress on a two-bedroom unit in the same area required an annual income of $84,933, which is $4,548 more than a typical renting household makes.last_img read more

first_imgDiscussing 2020 results so far, David Leith said: “I am delighted that our Rentals division has made such a positive start to the year. Having been a part of the Motive journey for over eight years, I can confirm that our success so far is based not only on our extensive range of rental products – we offer Scotland’s largest fleet of Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs), including a range of ATEX units – but also our continued investment in both new and existing rental equipment. “We have been manufacturing the highest quality equipment since we began trading in 2010. Those proven, in-house engineering capabilities allow us to re-engineer our catalogue of products to suit specific requirements, working to the shortest of lead times and deploying from our locations across the globe.” Motive Offshore Group has recently appointed David Leith as Rentals Division manager. Motive’s Rental Division has seen a good start to 2020 as it focuses on the specialised rental of high capacity winches, umbilical deployment and subsea equipment.center_img “Our diverse range of rental products was created to suit global market requirements and includes high capacity winches, HPUs, marine cranes, subsea baskets and smaller tooling and test equipment. With market conditions at their most challenging for some time, I fully expect the industry to take further advantage of asset rental and believe our investment in this area remains key to our preferred supplier status. We certainly have plenty to celebrate in 2020, as Motive reaches its ten-year anniversary.” James Gregg, Motive Offshore COO added: “Whilst recent events have impacted across the entire offshore oil and gas supply chain, I am hugely encouraged by the excellent start to the year, made by David and Motive Rentals.last_img read more

first_img David Luiz is ready to take on the coronavirus with his boxing skills Gunners medics and physios are also in constant touch with players that are doing DIY training at home or those who are injured and undergoing rest and rehab. Calum Chambers is a long-term crock working hard to overcome a cruciate ligament injury in December. Having been apart from the squad for so long he is not undergoing self-isolation but is also making the best of things with the remote guidance. Arsenal star Mustafi is enjoying some family time with his workout Read Also: Pogba makes coronavirus fund-raising pledge Across London at Chelsea they too are defying the pandemic and doing their best to keep ticking over. Their Surrey HQ has undergone an extensive deep clean since Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive last Thursday. The winger seems to be recovering well after posting a picture of himself on an exercise bike yesterday. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Arsenal and Chelsea have delivered mobile gyms to their quarantined players to keep them in trim during the coronavirus crisis. Both clubs have had to close their training grounds because of the outbreak — although the Blues’ is now open again. Many of Arsenal’s first team are seeing out a period of self-isolation at home after boss Mikel Arteta tested positive. The Gunners’ Hertfordshire HQ is not due to open its doors again until March 24 in an effort to contain the spread of the disease. Many highly-paid superstars have their own purpose-built fitness centres built into their lavish homes. Willian is a free agent in the summer so Instagram is the best place for him to showcase his skills during the coronavirus crisis But for those that do not, Arsenal have gone to extraordinary lengths. And it is not just a couple of dumb-bells or tins of beans for rudimentary weight training we are talking about. Arsenal insiders say that complex kit, like bench pressing machines and treadmills, has been delivered to the stars. Loading… Promoted ContentA Lot More People Should See Hanna’s Fantastic Bread MasterpiecesCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True6 Most Breathtaking Bridges In The World9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Who Earns More Than Ronaldo?What Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hystericallast_img read more

first_img Promoted Content18 Beautiful Cities That Are Tourist MagnetsWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Birds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?The Best Cars Of All Time2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year10 Absolutely Unique Facts About Kanye10 Of The Worst Celebrity Dads In Hollywood Read Also: Chelsea open up hotel to healthcare staff Leagues across the continent have been put on hold by the deadly spread of COVID-19, which has killed thousands around the world and whose epicentre is now Europe after originating in China. Hopes the domestic and European season could be finished were raised by Tuesday’s postponement of Euro 2020 by a year, with the leagues on hold until at least early April. UEFA has committed to trying to finish club seasons by June 30, but the target date will need to be reviewed if the spread of the virus does not slow. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Bundesliga and Ligue 1 stand to lose as much as 400 and 200 millions euros respectively. Europe’s top five football leagues could lose as much as four billion euros ($4.33 billion, 3.75 billion pounds) in combined revenue if the coronavirus pandemic completely wipes out the rest of the season, according to a study by KPMG. Sadio Mane’s Liverpool lead the English Premier League The accounting firm, one of the world’s biggest, calculated the total potential matchday, broadcasting and commercial revenues set to be generated by the remaining matches in the Premier league, La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1 added up to between 3.45-4 billion euros across the five leagues. KPMG estimates England’s Premier League would lose the most, with as much as 1.25 billion euros going up in smoke should the season be halted – a potential 800 million euros of that in broadcasting revenue alone. “Broadcasters who have collective deals with leagues may claim that they want money back proportionally if matches are cancelled and the season is not completed,” said the report. The Premier League’s broadcasting revenue losses would be the highest despite having fewer games left to play than every other league apart from the Bundesliga, which has the lowest number of teams at 18. However clubs in the so-called “Big Five” leagues all rely heavily on television money to help fill their coffers. La Liga in Spain could lose as much as 600 million euros from broadcasters, the report said, while Serie A clubs stand to lose up to 450 million euros from a cancelled season. Loading… last_img read more

first_imgDuterte earlier said he will nottolerate even a “whiff” of corruption from any government employee. “I’m bound by the rules. I can’tdiscuss the case kung ano ang kaso atfindings namin. It has to go throughdue process,” Belgica added.  Belgica said the two Cabinet officials– whom he refused to identify – were being investigated by the PACC since earlythis year. Panelo added the President wanted tovalidate the report and recommendation forwarded by PresidentialAnti-Corruption (PACC) commissioner Greco Belgica to the Office of thePresident. Since the start of his term in 2016,Duterte has sacked several government officials whose names were linked tocorruption./PN “Papa-imbestigahaniyan ni Presidente, i-validate niya iyon. May independent muna na validation,” Panelo said. Manila – President Rodrigo Duterte will conduct his own investigationinto the two Cabinet officials who were allegedly involved in corruption,Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said. last_img read more

first_imgRelatedPosts Lampard: I still have confidence in Tomori Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ Mane double eases Liverpool to win over 10-man Chelsea Pat Nevin is a huge admirer of Tammy Abraham, with the Chelsea legend describing him as having the potential to be the Blues’ best player. Under Frank Lampard, the 21-year-old has blossomed into a superb centre forward, with his subtle brilliance making him a key component of the Blues’ attack. The Chelsea forward has enjoyed a brilliant start to the 2019/20 campaign, scoring four goals in four Premier League games. Nevin knows a talented footballer when he sees one, and he has great admiration for Tammy Abraham’s many qualities. He believes the Nigerian/English has become more consistent over time. He told the club’s website: “It is fabulous that Tammy is continuing his goal-scoring spree and doing it with different types of goals. Clearly he is no one-trick pony. “He is getting the tap-ins and the fine strikes from distance but he is also getting the scruffy ones nicked from defensive mistakes. “The last category is vital if you are going to get 20 in a season or more in the Premier League. Every top scorer will tell you the same thing; a 40-yard pile driver counts the same as a two-yard mishit as long as it goes over that line.” There were calls from some quarters for Lampard to field French international Olivier Giroud, but Tammy Abraham looks set to be first choice going in the ongoing campaign 2019/20. He is the perfect foil for his attacking teammates, and would be nice to him score more.Tags: ChelseaFrank LampardPat NevinPremier LeagueTammy Abrahamlast_img read more

The result left City three points behind Chelsea but Pellegrini refused to read too much into the performance, which came just two days after a draining win at West Brom. Pellegrini said: “Maybe winning 2-0 we thought the game was over but until the last whistle the game is never finished. “It is clear we couldn’t keep the same intensity in the second half. “The first goal was very important for them because they improved a lot and had a lot of trust. “It is difficult for all the teams – especially our team because we played on a very heavy pitch against West Bromwich in the last game – to keep the same pace in the second half.” David Silva and Fernandinho were on target for City in a dominant first half but the game changed two minutes after the restart when George Boyd – despite suspicions of offside – appeared to divert in a Danny Ings cross-cum-shot. The leveller came after a free-kick was lofted into the area and Burnley’s players managed to get all the crucial touches before Barnes smashed into the top corner. Pellegrini said: “Football has a lot of things that can decide that score. We played well in the first half, we were 2-0 up but in the second minute of the second half Burnley score a clear offside goal. After that they scored their second from a rebound. City looked set to cut Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Barclays Premier League to one point at they opened up a 2-0 first-half lead over the relegation battlers. But the Clarets fought back after the break and snatched an unexpected point as Ashley Barnes made the score 2-2 with a stunning strike nine minutes from time. “But I am not saying we are unfortunate. I am saying, in football, just two balls can decide the score.” Pellegrini downplayed the significance of the result in terms of the title race. He said: “Of course after you are winning 2-0, it is more disappointing to lose those two points but we have all the second round (of fixtures) to see who will be the best team.” For Burnley the point was a valuable one in their battle against relegation. The Clarets have shown their fighting qualities in recent weeks and manager Sean Dyche was pleased with their attitude throughout. He said: “We went in at half-time intact in terms of how we were playing. I reminded the players of that and we put down a marker by getting the first goal and building on top of that. “Then not only getting the goal so early but the relentless nature of the performance after that, I thought the quality was high, I thought the endeavour was high, I though the organisation was high. I was very pleased with everything. “I keep reading about struggling Burnley. But I do know what the expectation was – that we had no chance at all. So I can’t work out why I keep reading about struggling Burnley, because we’re not struggling. “I am aware of the league table but when look at how team is performing, we’re not actually struggling, we’re actually playing really well. I’m very intrigued to know where the journey is going.” There was an element of confusion over the goal credited to Boyd. The Scot appeared to be in an offside position when the ball reached him but there was some debate over whether he actually touched it. Dyche said: “I have no clue and I’m not interested. I know it went in, and that was my main concern. “I actually haven’t seen it. Someone said it is offside. All I would say is, a scratch of luck when you’re Burnley Football Club – we don’t always get that so we’ll take that gladly. Everyone needs that whatever level you’re at.” Press Association Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini admitted his team fell off the pace as Burnley fought back to claim an unlikely draw at the Etihad Stadium. read more

first_img(REUTERS)-New Zealand’s Tim Southee and Neil Wagner ripped the heart out of Pakistan’s batting lineup to leave the visitors struggling on 76 for five at the close of the second day’s play in the second Test yesterday..Babar Azam was on 34 at stumps at Seddon Park in Hamilton, while Sarfraz Ahmed was on nine with their side still 195 runs behind New Zealand’s first innings total of 271.Southee blasted through the top of the Pakistani batting order with a beautiful off stump line, the ball doing just enough from the pitch to coax three edges that were held by players behind the wicket.Southee had Sami Aslam caught for five by Jeet Raval off the first ball of the fifth over, then removed Pakistan’s stand-in captain Azhar Ali on the final delivery when wicketkeeper BJ Watling took a simple catch.He then had Younus Khan caught by Watling for two in the ninth over to reduce Pakistan to a desperate 12-3.Babar and Asad Shafiq set about rebuilding the innings but Wagner wrestled back the initiative with two wickets in two balls.Shafiq (23) was the first to fall when he chased a wide delivery and dragged on, before debutant Mohammad Rizwan hooked his first ball in Test cricket straight to Matt Henry at deep fine leg to leave his side on 51-5.The hosts, who had resumed on 77-2 after much of the first day was washed out, were under pressure early with Pakistan’s bowlers exploiting the moist pitch and overcast conditions.Ross Taylor, who had resumed on 29, advanced to 37 before he became the first wicket to fall on Saturday when he feathered a catch to wicketkeeper Sarfraz off Sohail Khan.New Zealand’s batsmen then proceeded to thwart the visitors by all getting starts but when Raval, who scored his second test half century, and Henry Nicholls (19) fell before lunch, the visitors had taken a slim advantage with the hosts 177-5.Watling, however, again proved to be the glue that held the lower order together, sharing in a 51-run stand with Colin de Grandhomme (37), 33 with Mitchell Santner (16), 36 with Southee (29) and 31 with Matt Henry (15).Unfortunately the 31-year-old was unable to achieve his 13th Test half century, finding himself stranded on 49 not out when Wagner was caught for one by Younus off Imran Khan to end the innings.New Zealand won the first match of the two-Test series by eight wickets.J. Raval c Rizwan b I. Khan 55T. Latham c Aslam b Amir 0K. Williamson c S. Ahmed b So. Khan 13R. Taylor c S. Ahmed b So. Khan 37H. Nicholls c S. Ahmed b Riaz 13C. de Grandhomme c S. Ahmed b I. Khan 37B. Watling not out 49M. Santner c Y. Khan b So. Khan 16T. Southee b So. Khan 29M. Henry c So. Khan b Amir 15N. Wagner c Y. Khan b I. Khan 1Extras (nb-1 w-5) 6Total (all out, 83.4 overs) 271Fall of wickets: 1-5 T. Latham,2-39 K. Williamson,3-90 R. Taylor,4-113 J. Raval,5-119 H. Nicholls,6-170 C. de Grandhomme,7-203 M. Santner,8-239 T. Southee,9-270 M. Henry,10-271 N. WagnerBowling: M. Amir 19 – 2 – 59 – 2, So. Khan 25 – 6 – 99 – 4,I. Khan 20.4 – 5 – 52 – 3(nb-1),W. Riaz 18 – 4 – 57 – 1(w-1)Az. Ali 1 – 0 – 4 – 0PAKISTAN 1st inningsS. Aslam c Raval b Southee 5Az. Ali c Watling b Southee 1B. Azam not out 34Y. Khan c Watling b Southee 2A. Shafiq b Wagner 23M. Rizwan c Henry b Wagner 0S. Ahmed not out 9Extras (lb-1 nb-1) 2Total (for 5 wickets, 29 overs) 76Fall of wickets: 1-7 S. Aslam,2-8 Az. Ali,3-12 Y. Khan,4-51 A. Shafiq,5-51 M. RizwanTo bat: W. Riaz, M. Amir, S. Khan, I. KhanBowling: T. Southee 11 – 3 – 26 – 3, M. Henry 9 – 2 – 13 – 0(nb-1),C. de Grandhomme 4 – 2 – 21 – 0, N. Wagner 5 – 1 – 15 – 2.last_img read more