first_imgThe game was heated for a brief moment, and Jorginho, who did not seem to be aware of being aware, went on too much in a protest to the referee and will miss the return at the Allianz, where his people arrive sentenced. And they will do it because the fury gave way to bewilderment and Lewandowski, who was not very interested in those stories, decided to yield a pass that he received to space so that Gnabry pushed the first goal of the tie to pleasure.The German arrived as a shot at this stretch of the season, and did not disappoint on his return to London, where he left crestfallen in 2015 after being rejected by Arsenal. Just a few minutes later, and in what was his sixth goal in this edition of the Champions League, the Teuton again got wet after a good assistance from the Polish striker, although this time he had to try a little harder and send it to the long stick Knight’sLampard tried to shake the attack point with the entry of Willian and Abraham and the exit of Giroud and Barkley, who made a very bad game, but Bayern would hit again, this time, through Lewandowski, who took a pass Davies to mark his goal. The highway that Reece James left on the right lane, where Azpilicueta could not shrink more water, will undoubtedly be one of the videos that the English coach must put to his team if he wants to stop a bleeding that has been coming for several months and that You can put the rest of the season at risk. From the draw for the round of 16, in London he whispered in fear, almost as if he were going to conjure the man in the bag: “Lewandowski is coming …”. And ‘Lewa’ came, put on his boots and, indeed, terrified London. It is what monsters like him have, that as much as you see them coming you know that they will eat you in the end. Huge match of the Polish, who took over Stamford Bridge, distributed two goal assists and scored his goal, which served to sentence a tie that can be bleeding. It even caused the expulsion of a Marcos Alonso who, desperate, attacked him in the back when he saw that he could no longer stop him. This Bayern has come to Europe to raze.Chelsea managed, however, to quench the fury of the Teutons during the first half, where Caballero, who is knowing how to seize the opportunity granted by Lampard to the detriment of Kepa, drew two very good hands from Lewandowski’s two shots.The blues They even responded with a play by Mount who was about to embocar in the goal line Giroud, who has returned to the title, but the Frenchman did not arrive and the Bundesliga leader responded with the most serious warning so far. Müller, who had already tried a shot with a rope that left shortly, headed a ball to the crossbar that shook the foundations of Stamford Bridge.Those of Flick dominated the possession, fundamentally thanks to a Thiago that was colossal at the helm of the center of the field, and also the occasions, but the party arrived at the rest without the Germans managed to open the can that Lampard had prepared. In the resumption, even, it seemed that the Londoners could get ahead with a play fruit of the heart and faith of Mount, who came to be planted hand in hand with Neuer, but the goal was easily removed with his foot and then was quick to the time to shrink spaces for Barkley, who turned off the lights.last_img read more

first_imgAn increase in agents, both uniform and civilian, which will have an impact on citizen security and that will be coordinated with the specific plans established by the respective district police stations, the police statement said.The Police have also recalled that the resale of tickets can be constitutive of a crime, so specialized agents keep an investigation open regarding false entries through web pages. The National Police has reinforced its device in Granada with more than 130 agents to guarantee public safety and protect public spaces in which agglomerations are foreseen on the occasion of the semifinal of the Copa del Rey between Granada and Athletic, which is played this Thursday at the Nuevo Los Cármenes.The National Police reported Wednesday in a statement that, as usual in this type of sporting events, It will affect prevention with a specific security device due to the greater influx of public that occurs.This device will be developed mainly in the surroundings of the Granada football stadium, as well as in the tourist areas of the city and its accesses.It is intended to prevent and prevent theft, robbery with violence or intimidation, theft inside vehicles, drug trafficking, aggressions and other crimes that usually occur in major crowds as happens in this type of dating.During the whole day there will be a special deployment that will be reinforced with the presence of units of Citizen Security and Judicial Police.last_img read more

first_imgVisit of an applicant for promotion. “Every game is very complicated, I have told the players. Winning each game is like celebrating a title, it costs a lot. We go with that idea to continue with the continuity of the last matches. Each game costs a lot to add, we must remember the game of Las Palmas, what was the suffering to get something positive. We are looking forward and brave. ”Víctor Fernández has praised Málaga. “This team has a master’s degree in praise and criticism. I think flattery weakens and criticism hardens. We have taken a step and now we have to be alert for when those more complicated moments come, that arrive as late as possible. ”Equidistance of Malaga with the lower and upper areas. “We do not look at the month, but it is clear that with these four games the team can think that it can look to one side or another. This competition devours, is a crusher. In that speech we have to continue. The data make us optimistic in being able to add and add. We can’t look beyond the Zaragoza game. ”Match Rating. “Zaragoza is in direct ascent and with very good dynamics. The party says it all, it’s very big. Zaragoza is a team of which everything is said. During this year he has not lost. Especially in attack has a lot of effectiveness, it is a team that plays very well. Very clear concepts. Sometimes when he doesn’t play well as in the last game (against Racing) he also adds up. That means it is in a very positive dynamic. ”About Víctor Fernández. “He is a coach with a lot of experience, I think he is the active coach with the most matches in Primera. When I played in juveniles I already trained. A reference for many. He has a lot of experience, he is the active coach with the most matches in Primera. But all the words that come from outside must be clear and our message has to be internal, and it is to know what it costs every day. The rest distracts. You have to be on alert. Because when you are well quickly someone comes to put you in your place “ More on Sunday’s rival. “Zaragoza is a historic club that has 52 points, more than the previous season. Its objective is clear that it is to fight for the ascent ”.Responsibility. “We play at home, we always have that point in favor. Because of the difference in points, Zaragoza seems to be more favorite, but at home we have a plus of motivation. Here teams have to sweat a lot to be able to add. We have to work all aspects, we are working positional attacks as well. Each party has a different context. They are very strong, they feel very comfortable with the ball. Our idea is to attack, play in the opposite field and try to be protagonists especially in our stadium. We will need as of now the encouragement of the fans. There will be times when it will make us be in our own field. I have to congratulate the group every week because the workouts are being brutal. ”Next FIFA Virus. “Is very far. When the week starts the coach thinks about Sunday’s team, the training of the next day. Day by day makes us the decision maker. When I have to come, it will come. Other soccer players will appear. That is all season long. ”Aaron Ñíguez. “We have to value the day to day and the context of the match. If it is in this match or in the next one we will decide it today. He is an experienced player, even in First and that will provide the team with a lot of versatility and versatility in all positions. It gives other mechanisms in positional attack, it has a good hit with a stopped ball ”.last_img read more

first_imgUEFA has assured all fans who purchased tickets through its official sales portal that it will fully refund the price paid in case they cannot attend the tournament., deferred twelve months and now scheduled from June 11 to July 11, 2021.Details on the refund system will be communicated at the latest in mid-April to those interested through email and at the internet address UEFA has published a guide on its website for fans to find out how to proceed before the postponement of the competition for the coronavirus pandemic for twelve months, in aspects related to the return of tickets -28.3 million requests-, hotel and plane reservations or payments made with a VISA card that expires before 2021.It also includes recommendations on scheduled activities for the fan zones in the twelve cities that host the competition and for volunteers. UEFA had received 37,000 requests to carry out this work.last_img read more

first_imgÁlex faces his third season in Cádiz, where he feels happy and eager to get promoted to First: “In Cádiz you live very well. Sports things are going very well … so as not to be here too long. There are eleven matchdays left and We want to play. We have been leaders all season, we have a good advantage … If we get promoted without playing it will be a happiness, but it can also happen that the League is annulled. We live to compete. I think the league will end behind closed doors, in my opinion. “ On the possibility of playing every two or three days, Álex is in favor: “It may be a beating, but in the end the templates are long … 25 players per team. There you will see the wardrobe. The big teams do it in the Champions League, so it can be our turn. “The player spoke of his arrival in Cádiz and what football means to those from Cádiz: “When I arrived in Cádiz, people knew me. The ‘brother of Nacho’. I am super proud to be his brother. Football is lived in Cádiz, it is a passion. Of all the places I’ve been, this is where football is most lived. I have become very hooked on what the club is, the people, and there is a connection with them. This stadium has something different. I have played on large fields … it is a stadium that any footballer would like to be in. For your Cadiz (referring to Carlos) do not worry that we go to First. I think I have many years left here. “ @ Cádiz_CF ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Image of the digital chat between Carlos Coello and Álex.@ Cádiz_CF Álex Fernández, a Cádiz player and Carlos Coello, a three-time world champion from Muaythai and born in the Andalusian city, held a digital talk yesterday in the section that opened the yellow team on its website, titled ‘Vis a Vis’. Carlos, who is in Thailand, began by narrating the situation that the country is experiencing with the coronavirus crisis: “In the town I am in there is no case, but to leave the house we have to wear a mask. There is a curfew, the gym is closed, and we do solo work to maintain ourselves. “ Álex gave his vision of how the return to work will be for the teams: “I think it will start behind closed doors. It would be a big risk putting 30,000, 40,000 people in a stadium. If there was a second wave it would be catastrophic. We have no idea what will happen or when. With all the people who are dying … to think about resuming the competition “.Carlos, who was caught in the coronavirus crisis in Thailand, stated that he was going to return to Cádiz before this happened: “I was preparing my return to Cádiz before this. I really wanted to fight in Cádiz to remove the thorn from the last defeat. That day my opponent was better than me. After that defeat came three more victories. “The footballer is an admirer of the fighter, whom he knows personally, and stated that he would like to try in the martial arts: “My wife does karate. When I retire I may go if she is excited, at home she teaches me some kata. I would like to practice it someday “.last_img read more

first_img“I understand the desire of many to restart. But professional footballers and club employees are also employees. That is why they are also subject to safety and health in their employment.“Heil stressed.Federal Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for his part, He has advocated resuming the season next month. “I would be happy if the Bundesliga could start again in the second half of May, insofar as it is responsible for athletes and coaches, “he said in this regard. The German Minister of Labor, Hubertus Heil, has been shown reacio to play what is missing from the Bundesliga 2019/20 with masks in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, stressing that professional footballers and employees of each club “are subject to safety and health in their jobs”.“I do not think that parties with masks are conceivable. In joint talks with the DFL, constructive work is now being done on other viable solutions, “the minister told ‘Bild am Sonntag’after several meetings with the German Football League (DFL).last_img read more