first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi is not afraid to admit mistakes.That became clear when Opening Day right fielder Michael Reed was designated for assignment after eight at-bats. It was obvious when Opening Day left fielder Connor Joe was cut less than a week later after 15 at-bats.Zaidi has made impressive strides and several successful transactions in his first year on the job, but on Tuesday, he owned up to another failed evaluation.After watching …last_img read more

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS — Here’s how the Raiders graded out in a 34-14 road loss to the Minnesota Vikings:PASS OFFENSE DThe numbers for Derek Carr (27 of 34 for 242 yards, 2 TDs and one interception with a 103.7 passer rating) far exceeded his actual performance. His numbers didn’t start picking up until the Raiders trailed 21-0 and he started giving a steady diet of completions to tight end Darren Waller (13 receptions for … Click here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.last_img read more

first_imgSANTA CLARA — Trivia time: Name the team Jimmy Garoppolo threw his first touchdown pass against in his 49ers debut?Hint: It was to Louis Murphy … a 10-yard strike on a 10-step rollout by No. 10 … as time expired in that Nov. 26, 2017 game … in late relief of an injured C.J. Beathard.The 49ers lost 24-13 that day to the Seattle Seahawks, who, nearly two years later, return to Levi’s Stadium on Monday night to face Garoppolo for the first time since then.San Francisco 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo …last_img read more

first_img(Visited 25 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 If a horseshoe crab is neither horse nor crab, what is an evolutionary explanation?Horseshoe crabs are prime examples of “living fossils” that have evolved little since their appearance in the fossil record hundreds of millions of years ago,* but now some evolutionary paleontologists want to shout that a fossil horseshoe crab “illuminates the evolution of arthropod limbs.”  Indeed, Derek Briggs and his Yale gang, publishing in PNAS ( September 11, 2012, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1205875109), are convinced that we can all learn oodles of wisdom by observing that some relatives had single legs and others had split legs.  Of less concern to them is why horseshoe crabs (Limulus) remained basically unchanged for 445 million years (or more, if Cambrian arthropods with similar body plans are considered).  Joined or single limbs might seem minor compared to eyes, guts, muscles, nerves, sexual organs and all the other complex features of these enduring animals that appear abruptly in the fossil record.PhysOrg jumped right on the evolutionary bandwagon, posting the Yale press release uncritically and with a jazz riff by Briggs himself:“This fossil provides remarkable confirmation of the loss of a limb branch during horseshoe crab evolution, a change predicted by the common presence of two branches in the arthropods that appeared earlier, during the Cambrian explosion,” said Derek E. G. Briggs, director of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and lead author of a paper to be published online the week of Sept. 10 in the journal PNAS. The fossil dates from the Silurian period, about 425 million years ago.What apparently was not as remarkable to Briggs was that this creature, threatened by man today, survived all the major mass extinctions that wiped out 90% of organisms in the Permian and all the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous, and other mass extinctions in the evolutionary timeline.  Yet somehow it never evolved much in far more Darwin Years than it took for cows to become whales and chimps to become humans.  Evolution works in strange ways.What in particular “illuminates the evolution” in this fossil?  PhysOrg was just thrilled to explain, it’s “the evolution of these ancient arthropods—the transformation of two-branched legs into nearly identical but separately attached limbs, one of which was destined to disappear.”  Oh.  Interesting.Speaking of disappearance, one poor little Limulus recorded its “death march” in stone, BBC News said.  The last drunken walk of this creature, asphyxiating in a lagoon lacking oxygen, was revealed in stunning clarity in Lagerstaette (fossil beds of exquisite preservation) on the England-Wales border, “a site rich in well preserved, soft-bodied fossils,” according to PhysOrg.  If you want to follow its death march, Live Science in its coverage added a photo gallery to help you pity the creature’s last gasp.  Since this was a death story, none of these articles mentioned the e-word evolution.  Remarkable how identical the critter looks to living horseshoe crabs after 150 million years.Speaking of crab legs (although Limulus is not a crab), another article about legs shows how no matter what observations the evolutionists have to concede, they play the victor.  Intelligent design is their straw man to knock down without debate.  PhysOrg posted a press release from the University of Dublin asking a design question then immediately throwing the score to Darwin: “Are our bones well designed? Insects and crabs have a leg up on us.”  Even though this would seem a foul for Darwin, since humans are further along the evolutionary ladder, the deceptive play apparently fooled the referee:“Like all Arthropods, grasshoppers and crabs have so called exoskeletons made from a very special material called cuticle,” said Professor David Taylor, of the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. “This exoskeleton protects the animal like a knight’s suit of armour. Recently we have shown that this cuticle is in fact one of the toughest natural materials.““In terms of evolution, having your bones on the outside has been a pretty good concept,” said his colleague Dr Jan-Henning Dirks. “Since millions of years animals with exoskeletons such as insects, spiders and crustaceans can be found basically in every ecosystem in the world.“The article went on and on about how fine exoskeletons are.  My, why would evolution throw out such a “good concept” (don’t say “design”) when it came to mammals?  The reason the Darwin Team scored on this one is that the judges are Darwinians, too.   The fighting Irish even presumed to play intelligent designer, just for the irony of it: “Using the same amount of bone material and taking into account its mechanical properties, the human thighbone could be ‘redesigned’ as an exoskeleton to be twice as strong as it is now.”Then, unfortunately, Taylor fouled out by using the d-word design in the same sentence with the e-word, thus winning Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week:“Of course there are numerous other factors determining the evolutionary advantages of endo- and exoskeletons,” said Taylor. “However, we think that by taking a design engineer’s view on the problem we’ve been able to shed some light on the evolutionary development of skeletal forms.”* “Horseshoe crabs are often referred to as living fossils, as they have changed little in the last 445 million years” (Wikipedia).More evidence that Darwinism is going to be viewed someday as the funniest losing act in the show, “Science’s Got Talent.”    You don’t have to wait for the audience to get the joke.  If you laugh out loud now, you might start something like the wave at a football stadium, initiating what everybody wanted to do anyway, but were afraid to start.  Even the Darwin-leaning judges will have a hard time letting the act continue if the whole audience is yucking it up hysterically.last_img read more

first_imgThe Australian Touch Association is pleased to announce the National Training Squads for the Mens, Womens and Mixed Open sides. The sides to compete at the 2005 All Nations in New Zealand this October, will be selected from these squads and this is an important step in preparation for the 2007 World Cup in South Africa. Please note that there have been 18 members selected in each squad, with several still yet to finalise their paperwork. When this has been done their names will be added to the website. The actual sides (of 14 players) will be announced after each squad holds its training camp midway through this year. Congratulations again to the selected players and good luck with your preparations for the All Nations tournament. Please also note that the date for the announcement of the Australian Senior sides for the All Nations tournament is April 29 on the ATA website. The National Training Squads: MENS OPEN: Matt Curran – ACT Drumayne Dayberg-Muir – Qld Ash Farrow – Qld Chris Farrow – Qld Phillip Gyemore- Qld Nathan Jones – Qld Trent McDonald – Qld Scott Mitchell – NSW Turoa Needham – Qld Ben Roberts – Qld Steve Roberts – NSW Ben Robinson – Qld Gavin Shuker – Qld Garry Sonda – NSW Jason Stanton – NSW Jamie Stowe – NSW Jarod Tump – Qld Anthony Ziade – NSW Coach: Tony Trad WOMENS OPEN: Bo de la Cruz – NT Sharlene Harriman – NSW Renee Henderson – Qld Rachael Holden – NSW Amanda Judd – NSW Kristy Judd – NSW Shelley Matcham – WA Dominique Maher – NSW Kelly McGennity – Qld Melissa Pitfield – NSW Rachel Reid – Qld Peta Rogerson – Qld Sharyn Williams – Qld Louise Winchester – NSW Claire Winchester – NSW Roxy Winder – Qld Kelly Woods – NSW Coach: Kerry Norman MIXED OPEN: Kate Adams – Qld Andrew Baggio – NSW Ricki Best – Qld Troy Clark – Qld Beaudene Currie – Qld Brad Davids – NSW Amy Fong – Qld Belinda Grech – NSW Jarah Jennings – ACT Teena McIlveen – NSW Ben McCullen – Qld Justin Mitchell – Qld Stacey Lapham – NSW Matt Tope – NSW Hayley Rogerson – Qld Daniel Rushworth – NSW Stephanie Sorrensen – NSW Dean Wilbow – NSW Coach: Gary Madders Any media enquiries, please contact Rachel Moyle, read more

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) is pleased to announce the successful applicants for the 2014/15 Targeted Growth Program. All of the successful applicants will look to implement growth initiatives in areas of junior, school and female participation growth during the summer season. The following affiliates were successful in receiving funding in the 2014/15 Targeted Growth program:Lower Blue Mountains Touch Association – Junior Affiliate GrowthThe Lower Blue Mountains will aim to provide a number of junior development clinics targeted at primary aged school children in the Mid to Upper Blue Mountains region. Port Lincoln Touch Association – School to Affiliate LinkagesPort Lincoln will promote the sport through local schools, as well as provide in-school clinics to entice school children to play at their affiliate. At the end of the junior season, they will also host a family day to stimulate interest in the families of participants.Dubbo Touch Association – Female Participation GrowthThe Dubbo Touch Association will look to establish relationships with the local League Tag, Netball, Soccer and Hockey clubs to cross-promote alternate team activity for female participants. Milton/Ulladulla Touch Association – Junior Affiliate GrowthMilton/Ulladulla will utilise their funding to provide a number of junior clinics at their venue to attract new junior participants to their affiliate. Tamworth Touch Association – School Competition and Affiliate LinkagesTamworth will look to develop an interschool competition with all of the local high schools, while also promoting the community pathway. This initiative will complete the pathway between their primary school competition and adult participation. The following affiliates were also successful in receiving $300 Advertising Assistance grants to promote competitions for this coming season:·         Doyalson Touch Association·         Ryde Eastwood Touch Association·         Wallsend Touch Association·         Whyalla Touch AssociationRelated LinksTargeted Growth Programlast_img read more

first_imgCoach Cal whispering something into Tyler Ulis' ear.LAWRENCE, KS – JANUARY 30: Head coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats talks with Tyler Ulis #3 during the final minutes of overtime in the game against the Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse on January 30, 2016 in Lawrence, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)Kentucky had little difficulty getting past Tennessee Tuesday night. After a close first half, the Wildcats (26-0, 13-0 SEC) blew by the Volunteers (14-11, 6-7 SEC) in the final 20 minutes, winning, 66-48. The blowout victory did not come without some physicality, though. Kentucky freshman guard Tyler Ulis appeared to take a hard shot to the face from a Tennessee guard in the first half. Check out this play: Did anyone see this except @BraxtonDsnyder?— Aaron’s Right Shoe (@AaronsRightShoe) February 18, 2015Was it a punch? A shove? Just incidental contact? It’s tough to tell. Whatever it was, it’s something you usually see a foul called for, and there was no whistle blown last night. [KSR]last_img read more

first_imgWhen the midwives and stars of Channel 4’s ‘One Born Every Minute’ series visited Liberia with Save the Children they were shocked to discover that young mums in Liberia face a 1 in 24 chance of dying during pregnancy or childbirth when a simple trip to a clinic could save their lives. Yet many mums-to-be have to walk for up to 8 hours to get to their nearest clinic, and the journey can be treacherous.So when Gemma Raby, Louise Holt, and Maud Hardy stepped into their first Save the Children supported health clinic in Liberia recently, they were amazed at the difference your donations make.As Gemma explains, “At Leeds General where I work, we have between 9 and 11 midwives per shift on the labour ward. We also, crucially, have dedicated medical staff on hand.“In the Liberian clinic it was impressive to see that with basic facilities and staffing, and no doctor presence they were able to provide safe care to a large community, preventing hundreds of women from delivering in poor health at home with no help. This was really uplifting!”What Gemma and her fellow UK midwives saw was the direct result of your donations to Save the Children.And now with your help, they’re building and equipping six new mother and baby clinics in Liberia’s poorest regions as part of our Build It for Babies appeal.The ‘One Born Every Minute’ stars saw at firsthand how even the smallest donations to buy essential items like thermometers, stethoscopes, and scissors make such a difference.“It means being able to monitor patients more carefully which for a young mother with a suspected infection…can literally be life-saving,” explained Gemma.Small items of comfort like pillows also help to make giving birth a more positive experience.“Childbirth shouldn’t just be about survival. Save the Children’s impact cannot be underestimated.”Gemma continued: “Establishing and improving the presence of maternal waiting homes run by qualified midwives is such a precious gift to Liberia’s babies and to mums like Mamie”.“It would be wonderful,” adds Gemma, “if childbirth in Liberia could be a fulfilling experience to be treasured rather than a frightening experience to be survived.”Please help raise the £500,000 needed to build six new clinics in Liberia: Donate now to the Build it for Babies Appeal.Source:Save the Children UKlast_img read more

first_imgTORONTO – Flexiti Financial says it’s acquiring TD Financing Services’ Canadian private label credit card portfolio valued at roughly $250 million.The Toronto company, which provides point-of-sale financing and payment technology, said the transaction provides it with a million new credit card customers and 900 new store locations for its network.The added locations bring Flexiti’s total network to 3,500 and make it a leading private label credit card issuer in Canada, the company said.“This acquisition of TDFS’ private label credit card portfolio represents an important milestone for our company, and the consumer lending space in Canada, as it instantly positions us as one of the largest consumer lenders in the country,” said Peter Kalen, founder and CEO of Flexiti.The portfolio of cards targeted towards specific store brands includes merchants in the jewelry, furniture and home improvement categories, such as Peoples, Birks, Ethan Allen, La Z Boy and Kent.TD’s decision to sell the Canadian portfolio aligns with its strategy of simplifying its business model and allows it to focus on its core businesses of TD credit cards, MBNA and TD business credit cards, said bank spokeswoman Julie Bellissimo in an email.She noted that TD continues to operate the TD Financing Services business in the U.S.Flexiti said that as part of its acquisition, Globalive Capital will make a $50 million equity investment in Flexiti to give them a controlled position in the company after being a founding investor.The company said it has also secured $350 million in credit facilities to support the portfolio acquisition and its growth strategy.last_img read more

first_imgKenney acknowledges that some Calgary-based companies that develop B.C. natural gas would not be happy with a toll, but he says the job of an Alberta premier is to defend the province’s economic future.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley banned B.C. wines in response to its proposal to limit diluted bitumen shipments, but she lifted the ban after Premier John Horgan said he would ask the courts to decide whether it can bring in the restrictions.Kenney also clarified his stance on supervised drug consumption sites, saying the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that governments are obligated to license such facilities.(THE CANADIAN PRESS) VANCOUVER, B.C. – Alberta’s Opposition leader says if he becomes premier there will be “serious consequences” for British Columbia if it blocks the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.Jason Kenney says he would be prepared to stop permits for the shipment of Alberta oil through the Trans Mountain pipeline, and place a toll on shipments of natural gas from B.C. through Alberta.The United Conservative Party leader made the comments to reporters in Vancouver today during a trip to B.C. to speak about the need for “environmentally responsible resource development.”last_img read more