first_imgThe Garden Resort in Tisno has been voted among the 10 best European festival locations by the influential The Guardian, gaining the support of major media outlets such as The Telegraph, The Independent, DJ Mag, with the support of local, national and regional media. Festival visitors come from all over the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Iceland, and from all over Europe, to witness the unique blend of holiday with a musical background.The festival that was the first to place Croatia among the festival destinations and started an avalanche of young tourists from Great Britain, thus encouraging the arrival of Ryanair in Zadar. However, all this is not enough and relevant, and after six years The Garden Resort is leaving Tisno, and maybe even Croatia, announced Nick Colgan, the organizer of The Garden Festival.Reason? The classic Croatian problem – politics and petty interest of individuals.Because of politics, not markets. If we look from the market side, the Garden Festival has revived Tisno, each year attracting 20 foreign guests from more than 000 countries (a total of over 40 guests since Garden in Tisno) who spend about 120.000 euros per day and stay a minimum of 100 days, and this year’s budget of external promoters alone is approximately 7 million euros for the program part alone. After the arrival of the Garden in Tisno, the number of tourists increased by over 1,5%, and if we only roughly calculate 30 tourists x 120.000 euros x 100 days, we come to the exact number and tourist consumption generated directly in Tisno. And when we add the funds invested in the promotion of the destination and the fact that tomorrow, in a few years, when these same guests become parents, they will return to Tisno as another type of guest, it is quite clear how harmful the decision to leave the Garden Festival is Tisno and the whole region, including Croatia.Insane and out of every mind. But… always that but in Lijepa naša.Namely, this Monday, May 28, the Municipal Council of Tisno voted to re-issue the work permit to the Vortex beach bar, which was revoked last year due to illegal work right next to the location of the Garden Festival. What is controversial throughout the story is that the license allows Vortex to play extremely loud music between 07:00 and 12:00 in the morning from June 15 to September 1, thus preventing the festival guests from taking a morning break. “Based on the annual complaints of our guests and foreign partners, we have continuously warned about this problem. This decision of the Municipal Council of Tisno prevented us from doing business responsibly and fulfilling the contractual obligations we have assumed towards our guests. Following the above, The Garden team has been leaving Tisno since 2019, and with the support of international event organizers, we have started talks on a new location for 2019. ” Nick Colgan explained his decision.Interestingly, if it weren’t for the Garden Festival, there wouldn’t be a Vortex beach bar, but that doesn’t mean anything when our politics and petty private interests are involved in the game.Nick Colgan, host of The Garden Resort: It is amazing that it is the representatives of our friends from Tisno who make this decision”Although we are very happy in Tisno and still have a contract with Hostina, the owners of the location, this will be our last year as we will host international events in Tisno. We will be actively looking for a new location for the 2019 season and beyond and we already have several new locations in mind. The decision of the Municipal Council in Tisno, which allows Vortex to work right next to us and during our events from 07:00 to 12:00 with loud music, prevents The Garden from providing a comfortable environment in which our guests can sleep so that they will not return in the future. We offer a small percentage of beds for festival guests, and most of them stay in Tisno, Jezera, Betina and Murter. We are shocked by the Council’s decision and feel they are looking at things short-sightedly. It seems incredible to me that small particular interests stop a project that brings over 20 foreign guests to Tisno over eight weeks. The decision to leave Tisno was not an easy one, but staying in such an environment would permanently jeopardize the project in which we, together with our foreign partners, have invested a great deal of energy and financial resources. The inappropriately loud music of the local bar does not allow people to relax in the morning and guests no longer want to stay on site.This year we expect up to 20 visitors from more than 000 countries around the world who spend around € 40 per day and stay for a minimum of 100 days, and this year’s external promoters budget is around € 7 million for the program part alone. This is the best year so far, four of the six events are sold out in advance for this season, and we also have two new events planned for next year, as well as one smaller event in the preseason. This year we have additionally invested in mobile homes inside the camp site, but now these guests will be completely disrupted by the Vortex. In a conversation with other local government leaders, we will try to find a new destination for The Garden in Croatia. We feel responsible and we feel sorry for the many locals who have contacted us and in recent years invested in their accommodation facilities based on our guests. We believe that the Municipal Council has made a decision that is not well thought out and is harmful in the long run for the local population with whom we work extremely well. It is unbelievable that the representatives of our friends from Tisno make such a decision. “The noise that is created at their unofficial after parties leads to numerous complaints, inability to sleep which means that our visitors cannot rest, which then affects their commitment to our festival. It often ends up with hordes of visitors trying to sleep through the day which is neither ideal nor good looking. It is far from what we expect from our festival and for our community it is a serious problem. We had about 100-150 people who told us that because of that they would not return to the festival, and those are the only ones we know about. This has ruined our daily program, Vortex is obviously taking advantage of the hard work and investment of us, you and other festivals at The Garden Resort in Tisno. We can’t sell any camp accommodation options because people will only ask for a refund due to the noise level produced by Vortex outside normal hours, and this in turn has a real commercial impact on our ability for the festival to grow. Simply, if this presents us with further problems in 2018, we will have no choice but to look for alternative locations in 2019, which is far from our business strategy and desires because we love working with The Garden and trust them. And The Garden is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. We do not want to be evicted by an unofficial third party. That would be a terrible pity.”Nick Colgan said in a statement.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”How to explain such a Decision to someone normal, and especially to foreigners and foreign investors, as well as the whole way of doing business in Croatia, and especially in local areas where various local “sheriffs” make such decisions. Croatia chronically lacks a market economy, not a contract economy, which is the case here.Unfortunately, to date, there has been no reaction from the Ministry of Tourism and the CNTB, but it is easiest to say that this is not their problem and distance yourself from everything. What image do we send outwards, both to guests and to investors? What picture am I sending about ourselves?This is a classic example of Croatian reality and the real situation on the ground. That is why we are in this situation in the country and that is why young people go to look for their future in other countries. So much for the strategic development of our tourist destinations and our tourism.One is politics and the other is market and strategic development that should be in everyone’s interest. Because of such things, tourist destinations are stagnating or developing too slowly, and the biggest losers are all. From hotels, landlords, restaurants, museums, etc.… all in a tourist destination. That is why it is necessary for everyone in the destination to unite and look for market changes and development, not political ones. Politics has nothing to do with it, at least it shouldn’t have, this is a matter of development and markets.Too much politics, and too little profession, strategic and market development.This has nothing to do with the market, but solely a political decision. Citizens of Tisno, if you are wondering why you are stagnant and there is no development, why you cannot live from tourism all year round, why your children are leaving, ask the people responsible for the development of the Municipality and tourist destinations in Tisno Municipal Council.And therein lies our whole problem in tourism. Smart enough.last_img read more

first_imgMORE: The best baseball movies of the ’90s, rankedI’ve highlighted what I consider the most desirable items below. Note: Some of this stuff, as you’ll see, is available on YouTube — from illegitimate sources, but MLB could eliminate that issue by making them available on the up and up.Episodes of ‘This Week in Baseball’This ran in its original and best form from 1977 to 1998 and is considered an all-time classic show among baseball fans. It gained its following in the days before constant highlights were available, and was appointment viewing for anyone who loved baseball in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. It’s still highly revered among baseball fans, as the mere mention of it is an instant source of nostalgia and good feelings. But it’s not available anywhere, except for random bootleg episodes on YouTube. Old episodes used to air on ESPN Classic, but haven’t been shown for a long time. MLB made Season 1 available via on-demand DVD a few years ago, but no further seasons were released — much to the chagrin of older fans.Official World Series videosMLB produces an official World Series highlight video/documentary each year that includes interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. They’re available to purchase in various places, but are generally not available to stream anywhere. While newer ones would be cool to have, the focus should really be on the World Series films from the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and early 2000s.’The Baseball Bunch’This was a syndicated educational/comedy show that ran for five seasons in the ’80s and was hosted by Hall of Famer Johnny Bench. It featured a cast of kids who would learn baseball tips from guest-starring MLB players. The segments were supplemented with highlight montages to illustrate the various points. Lots of nostalgia here for fans who grew up in the ’80s.’Baseball Seasons’This MLB Network-produced show spotlights individual years in baseball, with interviews and vintage highlights packaged in an hour-long documentary. MLB put an ’80s collection on DVD a few years ago, but it would be good to put all the years in one place.The old ‘Home Run Derby’This 1960s classic that pitted MLB’s stars of the day in home run contests. All-time greats including Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays appeared on the show to see who could club the most dingers. This would be a direct appeal to the oldest of current baseball fans, but it’s possible young fans would watch.’Baseball in the ’80s’This was a Sporting News video documentary on baseball during the 1980s. It featured lots of cool highlights and storylines from the decade. I used to watch it over and over as a teen. It’s still re-watchable today.’It’s a Long Way to October’Fans love mic’d-up players. Well, this entry’s full of ’em. “It’s a Long Way to October” was a groundbreaking, four-hour Emmy-winning documentary produced by TBS during the 1982 season that gave fans a season-long behind-the-scenes look at the life of a baseball team. It hasn’t aired in full since 1983 and it’s not available for purchase commercially. After I did a story on it in 2017, a ton of fans wrote to say they’d never heard of it but would love to watch it. The unique nature of the program would appeal to fans of every team.MORE: The inside story of “The Naked Gun” baseball gameOld All-Star GamesIt’s usually fun to watch complete, classic editions of the MLB All-Star Game. But also, it’s cool to watch a random old All-Star Games from, say, 1980. Getting to watch favorite players and future Hall of Famers in their primes is always a treat, and the All-Star Games are a good way to watch them all at the same time. MLB already offers some for free on YouTube, but the more high-quality versions we have, the better.But if full All-Star Games aren’t an option …Official All-Star Game filmsMLB used to produce an official All-Star Game film with highlights and behind-the-scenes stuff. The greatest appeal would be the videos from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Baseball fans, like all sports fans in our pandemic-fueled moment, are starving for good content to pass the time and fill the void until live games begin anew. A tremendous fix likely sits in the gold mine of content that populates the MLB archives. And we’re not just talking about old games.For decades, MLB produced highlight films and various mini-documentaries that were beloved among baseball fans. Most of them are not easily found today, aside from the occasional bootleg video on YouTube. And though MLB already has lots of cool stuff on its MLB Vault YouTube page and its newly updated, searchable video archive at, there are still many untapped archival possibilities. Classic games, forgotten gems, blooper videos, team documentaries and more are probably just sitting on a server or in a warehouse somewhere, and that’s not good for anyone.  Classic gamesSelf-explanatory. Fans will watch a good game multiple times, just like they’ll watch a good movie multiple times. MLB offers some on YouTube and through the league app, it would be good to expand the offerings to include not just “classics,” but also some really good games that people have forgotten about or just don’t talk about enough. Or maybe just random games where cool things happen: a cycle, a June slugfest from 1993 or any Greg Maddux masterpiece.Various other productionsMLB did a few of these films each year for decades. They included blooper videos, “top plays,” year-end wrap-ups and stuff like that. They were fun to watch anytime, but they also often served as a salve to help pass the time during the offseason — something we desperately need now.last_img read more