VANCOUVER — The British Columbia government says it’s already seeing positive results from the policies it put in place to address the housing crisis, but one expert says there’s still a long way to go.Housing Minister Selina Robinson says the government is seeing some high-end house prices starting to drop.“Right now we’ve got the speculation and empty home taxes, so part of what we need to do is monitor the impact that it has and continue to see what it does,” Robinson said in an interview Sunday.Luxury home sales drop 35% in Toronto and Vancouver, but millennials fuel rise in high-end condo salesB.C. to allow homeowner groups to fine defiant short-term rental hosts $1,000 a dayMixed-use developments make housing affordability worse — and residents more miserableBut Andy Yan, the director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, says that while very expensive houses are starting to show a decline in price, the numbers haven’t translated to mid- and lower-level units.“Sixteen months is a little bit premature to know whether the polices are a success or failure,” Yan said, referring to the approximate time the NDP minority government has been in power.“But the softening of the market and cooling of the market is something that is definitely happening.”He said despite that softening, home ownership remains out of reach for many middle- and lower-income families.To tackle the issue, the provincial government is investing $7 billion on affordable housing over the next 10 years, and has developed a 30-point plan to increase affordability.However, Yan said some of the announcements made by the government are just that — announcements.“They are not actual shovels in the ground yet,” he said.While there is some actual construction going on, he said it’s still going to take years before the promises take the shape of homes that people can move into.“It will take a combination of supply and demand policies to really get us out of the housing crisis mess,” he said.Meantime, B.C. Premier John Horgan says the housing crisis didn’t happen overnight — and it won’t resolve overnight.Addressing attendees at a housing conference in Vancouver on Sunday, Horgan said the government will have to work with partners including Indigenous communities, transition housing and social justice advocates and women’s groups to resolve the crisis.Horgan said it’s not just affecting those who have small incomes, but is creeping into the middle-class too.He said his government is doing its best to ensure that critical work staff such as teachers, nurses and construction workers have houses so that they can build the economy.British Columbia should not be a place to fear because of unaffordable housing, Horgan said. read more

9Gwardia Opole371:881 12Zagłębie Lubin365:840 10Śląsk Wrocław248:580 Derby match of the Round 4 in the Polish Championship has been played in Plock, where domestic Wisla had difficult job to beat the third team from the last season – Azoty Pulawy 35:33 (14:19). Visitors from Pulawy inspired by amazing performance of their left back, Bosnian giant Nikola Prce (14 goals), were in lead most of the time, but at the end, home team made turnover to stay the only team with 100%.Orlen Wisła Płock – KS Azoty Puławy 35:33 (14:19)Orlen Wisła: Corrales, Wichary – Montoro 6, Zhitnikov 6, Ghionea 4/1, Daszek 3, Konitz 3 , Oneto 3, Rocha 3/2, Nikcević 2, Racotea 2, Tarabochia 1 Wiśniewski 1, Zelenović 1.Azoty: Bogdanow, Krupa – Prce 14/3, Masłowski 10 Krajewski 5, Sobol 2, Kubisztal 1 , Grzelak 1, Kuchczyński, Orzechowski, Petrovsky, Przybylski, Skrabania.STANDINGS: 11Górnik Zabrze247:630 3Orlen Wisła Płock393:756 2Pogoń Szczecin496:897 6Chrobry Głogów367:623 8MMTS Kwidzyn371:842 7PGE Stal Mielec380:932 1Vive Tauron Kielce4140:947 ← Previous Story The Faker’s Guide to the EHF Champions League 2015/16 Next Story → TOP SECRET: Why “Lions” receiving only 20 goals per match!? 5KPR RC Legionowo383:854 azoty-pulawyPolish HandballWisla Plock 4KS Azoty Puławy397:834 read more