many people love pets, even a pet as a child, will give their pets such as regular maintenance, pet shop business is better, then open a pet shop cost how much? Now the pet family more and more, for pet investment is also growing, therefore, to open a pet shop but have great market, it will try to understand to open a pet shop cost


open a pet shop cost not only needs to prepare 10 to 20 square meters of pavement, with brush, comb, scissors, hair clippers, electric scissors, hair dryer and other pet beauty equipment, prepare some medical equipment, medicines and daily necessities, etc. (of course there are conditions equipped with a constant temperature room very good). Total investment of 3 to 40 thousand yuan, you can take the love on the road. Of course, if there is a high-end professional beautician national certification examination Quanlei beautician Association proved more ideal. read more

the morning of January 4th, the first batch of the new West District village committee members before any training in radio and Television University. After the 40 new village community committee responsible members of the demonstration class, not only into the provincial Party school, will also go to the first village school training system.
"new village community cadres training is commonplace, but the new committees responsible person demonstration training class in the form into the first village school training, but the first time, doing so only to strengthen the backbone of three." West District Party Committee Organization Department Minister Chen Zhongyi said. It is understood that the foundation of West District new village community committee members in concentrated training, will also take the theory of learning and practice to learn to study out the way of combining the township party organization (workers) committee secretary, deputy secretary of the village community committees and the people in charge of 40 cadres in Chengdu, the country’s first village school case teaching, experiential, interactive, simulation teaching and training.
with West District village community committee election work ended, the new session of the village committee cadres have to go to work, Chengxi district election seize this opportunity, innovative training methods, based on the strong base through four, to enhance the new committees service ability and stem the overall quality. On the basis of political theory, we should improve the initiative of serving the people. Based on the ability training, the ability to exercise grassroots work. Based on the education of honest and clean style, set up a good image of the party cadres. Based on the team cohesion committee system construction, the overall combat effectiveness. The
  read more

socks, in the minds of many people, although this is a need for a product, but want to rely on it to make money seems unlikely. However, as long as we are operating properly, small socks can also store the monthly income of a few million! Here, let Xiaobian take you to know such a successful case.

He Qi socks franchise store selling imported socks store expensive, good-looking style. In early 2007, the majority of the market are "sock shop ten yuan 3 double" under the market, her socks for 40 yuan started, and even one hundred yuan Pantyhose Stockings started, leggings are more than 160 yuan. "And don’t store is not the same, I insist on do not bargain, keep the guests with a fair price." He Qijia’s socks all price tag, not bargain. read more

municipal government formulated the provisions of Article 15 to change the style, the reporter found in the sub group "NPC and CPPCC" group, to discuss the site interview, speaking on behalf of members formed a tacit understanding — no longer talk words, "dressing up", an opening went straight to the theme.

from the use of cultural facilities, practicality, innovation, integration of Xining cultural tourism industry, from the smooth traffic military enterprises build a model village construction to the city, everybody dare to speak straight from the heart, not polite, outspoken, don’t even talk about — even if the unit in charge of issues involved in the leadership of the group, is the same the members of the committee, sitting opposite, also pointed out the spot. However, we all understand that the discussion is to talk about the real problem, therefore, is the real thing to speak, but also sincerely accept named. read more

With the rapid development of modern nursing technology and the change of nursing mode, the training of specialized nurses has become an inevitable trend in the development of nursing work in  . For a long time, nursing department of Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University in a planned and targeted focus in the field of clinical nursing in training of specialized nursing personnel, the day before the operation room was approved by the provincial health department become the operation room specialized nurse training base in Qinghai province". read more

September 19th is the first weekend ushered in the fair city, with the city of fair organized by the delay time, the South Exhibition Center crowded, weekend breaks around the fair city, feel the change in Xining in recent years the people change rapidly in a continuous line. Go to the city to meet the weekend seems to be a fashion, people who are bored.

three to contact the city will feel different

demolition site as a result of dust pollution was listed as the focus of pollution remediation in Xining. The municipal government issued a notice on the strict control of dust, Xining city carried out nearly two months of the city’s demolition site dust pollution remediation actions, how the current regulation effect, especially those members of the public to reflect the demolition site still relatively strong sandstone rubble everywhere, sand filled? October 29th, the reporter with the rectification of the special inspection team of 13 key projects and real estate projects demolition site rectification situation for a return visit. read more

The most beautiful Qinghai Lake, Qilian, golden days throughout the Menyuan, mirror in the sky Saline Lake tea card…… Year after year Wang Qinghai tourism, really let the world see the upgrade of the United States and Qinghai, the United States move quartet.

in addition, I also arranged through the new form of tourism projects, support the self driving tour camp, field development activities, the depth of experience, leisure picking, ecology and rural tourism projects, accelerate the development of special tourism products. Arrange funds for the construction of tourism infrastructure and tourism scenic area and the surrounding environment for 890 million yuan of funds, focusing on new road traffic travel toilet and scenic five-star toilet, perfect scenic roads, water supply, emergency rescue, waste water treatment, fire safety and other infrastructure construction and the surrounding areas of environmental remediation.   read more

"tolerance and warmth of the masses of ethnic minorities, has become the biggest driving force for the development of our roots here." The 42 year old Lu Deqing is the Eastern District of Xining City neighborhood of the Salesian Salar residents, located in the East District of Zhuang road runs a beef noodle shop, although it was past the morning peak of the meal, but went to the restaurant to eat the customer is still in a continuous line, Lu Deqing busy awfully. Two years ago, in order to improve the living conditions of families, he with his family from Xunhua Salar Autonomous County in the city of Xining, in the local government and the community support and help, through several years of hard work, the Lu Deqing family has been integrated into the city life. read more

The afternoon of August 18th, the Municipal Federation of trade unions held 2015 autumn student campaign grants distribution ceremony, from 2012 to 2014 the implementation of the 48 workers in difficulty in helping the children of the whole university and 15 2015 to apply for relief workers in difficulty of issuing grants 3000 yuan per child, ensure that they can successfully finish college.

it is reported that this year the city union was raised in "the student" funds of about 2 million 200 thousand yuan, plans for the 700 workers in difficulty (migrant workers) to give children 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan of undergraduate college education assistance, and give 30 poor children of working families while studying at 3000 yuan per person per year full assistance in the University for four years. The union "the student" activities to implement the territorial management, levels of responsibility, the district (county) board of trade unions, trade unions, trade unions Committee park main rescue belong to the area of enterprises and institutions of the difficulties workers’ children and children of migrant workers, has been to other institutions of social assistance for students, not repeat relief. To ensure that the "student" activities, and promote the effective, City Federation of trade unions of the specific initiatives to carry out "the student" activities as a practice the three three real strict special education activities, early mobilization, early deployment, early arrangements, clear provisions of the relief conditions and reporting procedures, the previous program for assistance simplified. At the same time, requirements of trade unions at all levels to achieve the "three deep", namely grass-roots enterprises, in-depth family, to meet the conditions by establishing electronic difficult employee files, do "three", namely family status, difficulties, Qing Qing Qing examination. In addition to relief workers, migrant workers and laid-off workers are difficult, the difficulty is not included in the activities of the staff as a daily student aid object, the standard unchanged. read more

In May 2nd, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Xu Guocheng pomp, in-depth comprehensive management of the Beichuan river site in Xining City, the project construction supervision and inspection work. Wang Yubo stressed that the Beichuan River comprehensive management project is an important carrier of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to the province’s first district ecological civilization construction strategy is the implementation of specific initiatives, the main leaders of the Party committee "to the people of Qinghai have a clear requirement of the mother river". Huangshui Watershed Management Committee and Huangshui investment company must take practical action to implement the provincial government recently held the province’s ecological civilization created the first area work conference spirit, the spirit of reform and innovation, first-class construction concept, the Beichuan River to build a model of domestic water treatment engineering River, build and improve the benefit of city people the quality of the city beautiful scene.Beichuan River comprehensive management project read more

implement fifteen · Xining in action

Huangzhong County Civil Affairs Bureau is responsible for the comrades sitting in the office, combing the reception of the masses has just visited the records, find the civil work needs to be improved…… Since the municipal government changed the style of fifteen after the promulgation of regulations, even days, window units employment in Huangzhong, social security, civil affairs, administrative service center, carefully combing their work, continue to fine convenience Huimin measures to find the problem from the subtle details from the improvement. read more

Against domestic violence, the victim is no longer alone. Reporters from the November 27th meeting of the Xining Municipal Women’s Fourteenth Congress was informed that, at present, Xining city has set up 8 collegiate women’s rights, marriage and family dispute mediation committee 8, 110 domestic violence alarm 58, women’s rights service station 71. Xining women’s federations at all levels to strengthen grassroots service functions, and public security, courts and other departments linkage, the establishment of 58 grassroots violence warning points in Xining city at home. The establishment of alarm points, in order to effectively avoid family conflicts, deter domestic violence perpetrators, curb the spread of domestic violence has played an important role.   read more

from September 28th to September 29th, the first national memorial day to the end of four, team leader Wang Yubo, Su Rong, Zou Jiansheng, Tong Dexiang and other groups condolences to the families of martyrs, and to extend my cordial greetings and best wishes to the families of martyrs. In the message, deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that we should understand the sacrifices and pay affectionate families, let families really feel the glory and the warmth of the society.

9 28 afternoon, Wang Yubo has Yao Guihuai, Zhang Shenglin condolences to the families of martyrs. Sunning in Xinning Road District, Wang Yubo detailed understanding of the life of Yao Guihuai, and sent flowers and condolences to kim. Yao Guihuai’s father died in August 2, 1945 – Yao martyrs Hunan Linwu Soil Bridge battle. Wang Yubo said to Yao Guihuai, the revolutionary martyrs for the motherland and the people made a great sacrifice, paid a valuable life, history and people will always remember their credit. Take good care of survivors of martyrs life, is the responsibility of various departments at all levels. Wang Yubo told Yao Guihuai to take care of the body, and asked relevant departments to care for survivors of martyrs life, implement various preferential policies, and actively solve problems for them, the party and the government care to their hearts. read more

the advent of the Internet has changed the basic way of shopping, online shopping has become the main choice of people’s daily lives. Yesterday, reporters from the Chongqing second years to catch 2016 Chinese activities and Internet plus rural tourism poverty alleviation activities press conference was informed that in December 2nd, the "online village" second year before activities will be kicked off at the Guanyin Bridge, the public can according to "activity guide online village" to 33 counties in the year before to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. It is reported that the event will continue until next year’s Lantern Festival, is expected to attract 100 thousand people to go to the countryside to help poor people to get rich 1 million. read more

In the depth of the organs of contact with the masses of cadres serving the grassroots work, Datong County Organization Department Party branch to build the party spirit, the style of the most positive and most outstanding work of the Department and excellent team, clear thinking, and strengthen measures, efforts in the village households, enriching the people in the way of seeking practical results, and sincerely for the grassroots the masses do practical work.

insisted on a visit to the two questions, the establishment of primary ledger. In order to ensure that the village households work not as a mere formality, effective measures, 21 members of the Organization Department of the county Party branch organization cadres and carry out a visit to two questions (visits to the masses, ask for the people, ask for people), has recently visited 35 villages, 5 community, non-public economic organizations and social organizations 4 a hospital, 2, prominent problems of combing grass-roots units in 4 aspects, 12, to further enrich the masses of grassroots service ledger data. According to the construction needs to be improved, the construction of Party organization is not enough, Party members play a leading role in democratic management is not enough, not standardized financial disclosure and other key issues, submitted a report to the Standing Committee of the county, clear rectification ideas, measures and time limit. read more

In April 26th, passionate, ahead of the national anthem and the Communist Youth League are sound, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) members of the first Congress was held

4 month 26 days, in the passionate, ahead of the national anthem and the Communist Youth League are sound, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) members of the first Congress was held.


meeting, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Li Changjiang said, young people full of passion and creativity, full of new ideas, he encouraged everyone to cherish their youth, down-to-earth, have faith, ambition, do the reform and development of heritage; to innovation, heavy responsibilities, to emancipate the mind expand open open; to study hard, work hard, do practitioners of reform and development. read more

this year, the national, provincial health care will be Xining City National Health City review, which is the first time since September 2009, Xining won the national health city title for review. March 25th afternoon, held a mobilization meeting in Xining, arrangements for the deployment of the work.

for three years, Xining has gradually realized the transition from the "national health city" by creating a mechanism to build a long-term management mechanism, established the "Wei" construction of the national health city day "system," the establishment of publicity rectification work normalization, in addition, increase the establishment of work and daily supervision evaluation efforts, at the same time, strengthen the supervisory role of the media and the public now has the "establishment of working people. read more

In order to accelerate the

plateau tourism province construction, "12th Five-Year", the province total travel arrangements 554 million yuan of special funds, mainly for tourism planning, infrastructure construction, key projects and interest subsidies, let the "beauty of Qinghai" reputation once again called out in the country.

it is understood that in recent years, in order to expand publicity, let the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the charm of Qinghai province by CCTV, the central broadcasting station, and Beijing bus station, subway, airport and other places for advertising, promotional use beauty Qing Haizhu Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and targeted aid provinces, and the "tourism website" 12301 engineering construction, source of Sanjiang International Photography Festival, winter tourism activities and other major festivals such as subsidies, expanding tourism province visibility. read more

Tax service is the tax authorities according to the provisions of the state tax laws, regulations and policies, through a variety of ways to help taxpayers to master the law, correct and timely fulfill their obligations to pay taxes, to meet the reasonable expectations of the taxpayers, a comprehensive tax work to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayers

is the tax service tax authorities according to the provisions of the state tax laws, regulations and policies, through a variety of ways to help taxpayers to master the law, correct and timely fulfill their obligations to pay taxes, to meet the reasonable expectations of the taxpayers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayers a comprehensive tax work. Improve tax service, build a good tax collection is an old topic, but also a new topic. Especially in the period of social transformation, as an important national economic management departments, tax departments to focus on the central task, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote stable and rapid economic and social development, is the needs of all the local cadres think deeply about the problem. Here, the tax service work and suggestions in practice briefly talk about the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, for readers, and encourage each other. read more