however, webmasters always love to imitate those websites better, others do, I will follow him to do, from the aspects of internal site optimization, you can see the webmaster friends mainly imitate others sites are mainly in the following aspects.

now Shanghai dragon has become a hot industry, engaged in Shanghai Longfeng more and more friends. Now the competitor analysis website has become a habit for many webmaster friends, whether it is the customer’s small business website is still relatively large portals in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion before, always love analysis of those in good website PR, snapshots, domain name, age and so on, then according to the location of the web site keywords, how much is expected the time you need to send much of the chain, in order to catch up with rivals ahead of this website, Shanghai dragon data analysis is a necessary work for Shanghai dragon er.

three, keyword density


stack, Ji believes that many webmaster friends have tried, and has also made no small achievement, has now been love Shanghai that is a means of cheating. But now a lot of friends still piling up at the bottom of the site keywords link to their website, perhaps those keywords ranking is also good, so many webmaster found that others, accumulation keyword ranking can have such a good ranking, why you not? When I just put up by keywords, search engine the punishment, so confused, in fact, you old practice too impulsive, others may, domain name age weight high website for a long time, the search engine doesn’t k it, just for it has some patience, and you have the new treatment is completely different.

this is a lot of webmaster friends concern, many owners in this area always feel confused about where many, many owners also have misunderstanding, think those large web site title, keyword description is very well written, many large websites are only a website name, such as Sina, NetEase such as large portal, in addition to many large sites high weight are not fill in the keywords and description of the two, if you are a small business website simply imitate it, not only for keywords ranking negative (we all know net station title writing on the keywords ranking to take great effect on the user experience); and adverse (description of the main is to attract users click). I feel the SMS site www.28dx贵族宝贝 on this practice still feel good.

two, the accumulation ofKeywords

keyword density, also not as popular keywords accumulation, now many webmaster, there is a feeling of want to return to the past. What is the keyword density how many percent percent how many good friends? Some of the keyword density reached about 20%, keywords ranking still some Adsense keyword density stand head and shoulders above others, are still subject to search > 0.


, a web site title, keywords, description

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