site is K now is not what fresh thing, every day many sites have been K. This is of course the most painful, is not easy to optimization of the website that is K. Blow relatively large, but K is unable to change, then by K after I


in the search engine has a good ranking, and long away, believe that the site in the user experience must do a good job, can the real service to users, and can meet user requirements, fully embodies the value of the site, the site allows users to feel considerate service, can get what he wants things from the site, which is the core value of the site.

processing problems timely and effectively

4: follow the love Shanghai search engine algorithm

when we love Shanghai site is down right, or K, have to find K in the first time the station, if your work habits is very good, every day of what you do has to do a record, then it will be easy to find the problem, even if unsure of what is what causes, but also can be excluded, finally to find out the problem, fundamentally solve the problem of.

by Baba Shanghai Longfeng original 贵族宝贝baba贵族宝贝/ Shanghai so/20130507/147> Shanghai dragon dragon

summary: in general, the search engine will not go to the K website rather baffling you, there will be some basic reasons. The common is cheating, some owners love some greedy little cheap, by cheating. So after we were K, must first find the cause, and then slowly back.

site is K is already very common, when Kobayashi had just started to do, do not know is K a few times (black hat oh) suggest that we do not learn from me, but it is worth showing off, not the so-called webmaster be K, not a good webmaster, ADO, the small forest. How are we going to do after K.

find the website is the cause of the K, the next task is to correct the face, timely treatment caused by the problem of K website, then find out not just ask no matter any development, if this is the case, there’s no need to see me to explain.

how to do?

this is a crucial aspect of love, Shanghai at K station is based on the search engine algorithm, and not with some sites against man-made, malicious attack some sites, therefore, the webmaster should pay close attention to the search engine algorithm to adjust, adjust timely for their site work, in order to avoid inadvertently offended some of the algorithms of search engine, be punished.

3: once again raise the core value of


1: find out the roots of the K site is

Now The

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