Shanghai dragon to get better returns, Shanghai dragon ER must learn website data analysis. Analysis of the popularity of product pages, according to the website traffic statistics, timely adjust the present, not involved in mining the content of the website live products, timely supplement. Do Shanghai dragon to improve website ranking, website content to meet the needs of users, so as to bring more benefits to.

website to do good and not good, focus on key words ranking position at the same time, we should pay more attention to the site by Shanghai dragon after optimization has brought many benefits. If the rankings but not much income, so the Shanghai dragon do not do, because there is no do reflect Shanghai Longfeng value. The real Shanghai dragon is not only to optimize the ranking, but should focus on the value of Shanghai dragon. There is no cause to increase revenue ranking optimization mainly are generally willing to user experience is not good, no worries that Hefei website construction technology website user experience is mainly reflected in the site’s interface (UI) design, website content.

This article from the Hefei

the above two construction sites in Hefei worry that local science and technology need to pay special attention to the process of a website in Shanghai Longfeng in is also the main factors directly affect the income of the website is good. In order to improve the income of the website, make the above two points, but also pay attention to the analysis of the data of the website.

content of the website is one of the important factors that affect website ranking, the search engine is more love the original article. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER in order to increase the site included, using some pseudo original tools update statements does not fluent content. The search engine is indeed may be considered to be the original article, but for users, is of no value, at the same time will be recognized on the website of the discount.

, a web interface (UI)

some of the site in the design process will have some defects, do need to adjust the structure of the web site of Shanghai dragon, but it should be noted that in the process of adjusting the structure of the website is not only to improve the keywords ranking, adjust the website UI need advice on a basis to meet the needs of users. For some basic art webmaster can design a beautiful interface, but a large part of the webmaster is not UI to do the design, so I suggest that this part of the webmaster should try to save UI simple. Each person’s aesthetic is different, but you should not hate a simple and elegant interface.


two, the content of the website

Shanghai dragon

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