three. Shanghai dragon investment return rate of


big stomach Jie believes that since the Shanghai dragon is a technology derived from the search engine, any of its forms are the foundation of search engine platform, so many factors involved in the problem, and not 100% of control, so guarantee 100% have the effect is a kind of irresponsible.

100% can not guarantee the effect of Shanghai Dragon

two. Shanghai dragon optimization can not see


Shanghai dragon ideal effect in a short period of time application

many companies started to consider how to recover Shanghai, Shanghai dragon investment cost, this is taboo to do network marketing. This will quickly achieve enterprise into a high return this idea is wrong. The enterprise should get data from the change of site traffic and registration, analysis and expectations, and continue to implement.

. Shanghai Dragon Enterprise

is now used in field has been more and more widely, as an important part of the network marketing, many enterprises have begun to carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon, then Shanghai dragon form and use some common features of what

the current domestic market of Shanghai Longfeng relatively chaotic, is actually the result of the lack of standardization of the industry, from the Shanghai dragon operation, use, evaluation, return this series of behavior, to people in the industry to standardize and maintain, so the development of Shanghai dragon will day >

some customers wait a few weeks later, found their products ranking did not achieve the desired effect, the Shanghai dragon skeptical and even lose confidence. In fact, Shanghai dragon is not a short time for the project. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a continuous long-term and a project. Moreover, even if have good ranking, there are more things to do, otherwise, no transformation of the rankings, only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

many small business owners do not recognize the value of Shanghai dragon, the dragon is not essential to think of Shanghai enterprises. The data show that Internet users in the United States in 2010 carried out 15 billion 500 million times the network search, which is 80% of the customers to buy and purchase behavior through the search engine search after. Those who do not realize the importance of some Shanghai Longfeng enterprises may think that traditional industries are local properties, the Shanghai dragon cannot help them grow, big stomach Jie in this negative attitude. How, now what things in the search engine to search? I’m afraid only you can not think, no you can not search. But often search to content, is the value of the content, therefore, any valuable content, it will have a place to live in, no matter what form of enterprise, Shanghai dragon will have the corresponding value, but different industries in Shanghai Longfeng value in different sizes.

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