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2, the content of high quality impact on the user experience of

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high quality content sites can improve user traffic and improve the return rate, residence time and users’ browsing depth, search engine can find these indicators, however, reaction keywords ranking, keyword ranking adjustment. That is to say the user behavior can affect the keywords ranking, user experience good site keywords ranking will be improved, the content of the website is to improve the user experience is one of the most important aspects. In a sense, we do website optimization is actually the only user experience, user experience, user love website to have a good ranking lasting. As a webmaster tools, like A5, why keyword ranking is so good, the weight is so high, the key is that users love the site, think the website of their value, often come to these sites to learn knowledge, or meet a user’s needs, such as query etc..

4, high quality content for the influence of the chain

we know the amount included in a web site and included rate has a direct impact on the site keywords ranking, included rate special website, the website included rate is high, indicating the site overall quality is relatively high, the signal-to-noise ratio is relatively large, a search engine keyword ranking factors is to judge the website SNR, so high the quality of the content can improve the site’s overall signal-to-noise ratio, improve the site keywords ranking.

3, high quality content can improve the amount collected website

we can get high quality to the artwork, through the artwork this way can get the high quality of the chain, this way is also recognized by the search engine, search engine to support the construction of the chain of nature, is the user’s vote, users believe that this text, "

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see love from Shanghai recently released "the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng notes" we can high quality content plays an important role in website optimization, today I will focus on the influence of high quality web content on site optimization, we do website optimization techniques by the early post by content, it may have you feeling if you encounter such a situation, no matter what you do outside the chain, no matter how much you buy the high quality of the chain, keyword ranking is to stop at a level that you did not reach the expected purpose. If this is the case, perhaps the website content quality is not high enough reason.

1, the content of high quality accords with the law of the development of the

from the recent love Shanghai launched anti spam measures, we can see that for spam love hate Shanghai, crack down on spam, and reduce the weight of the low quality of the news station, improve the quality of the news station of the weight, the quality level of quality here is the content of the search engine, in any case, for the high the pursuit of quality content will not be changed, the search engine is the goal of high quality, best meet the needs of users of the contents of priority to the readers.

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