let’s talk about the unique but very effective way to promote the network video promotion. A few days ago, south a plastic surgery hospital on the network news. The legend of the white snake is a snake with what is unusual, Simon was rare, alas, Xu Xianzhen is hardcore. In order to show the hospital for magical cosmetic changes for cosmetic surgery transgender people, plastic surgery hospital expensive movie "White Snake" new ways to attract eyeballs, the play is another hot spot to spend 200 thousand yuan to the community to recruit someone who plays "Xu Xian", "green" and "goki" and other roles, and registration without any conditions. Gold and silver, the interaction, the main broadcast through the Internet and television, even if the ratings are not high but before the shooting also won the attention of the public.

as a small company or personal portal site webmaster, let you spend 2 million micro film shoot a copycat of white snake is certainly not willing to, so we can try a free trial of existing network resources to edit the network now, too many to count funny clips is the most typical, Angie Chiu version of The Legend Of White Snake, will the TV drama fragment with new lines, plus that rotten Street "The Legend Of White Snake" title sequence Long Expecting, waiting for you to come back ah… Like the white snake. English drama, such courage and creativity has been greatly rewarded.

with the development of the times, more and more businesses to gradually understand the great role of Electronic Commerce on marketing, network promotion began to invest a lot of money. That you can not talk about the electronic commerce network promotion, the core of e-commerce lies in the promotion of network marketing methods, so it has been continuously improved, emerge in an endless stream. In addition to the commonly used mail promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, which is different from the traditional way of promotion, network video promotion is on the rise. With its intuitive video, voice and text features than web based text, pictures can attract more users, more easy to generate impulse demand through video guide customers to their website to sell products to users, promotion of some product function.

video content: playing the first scene when young Li Chen young janning, holding a piece of stone has not been polished, followed by founder Li Chen stone grinding mill, grinding N block heart-shaped stone, the second act ‘portrait of a great run for his past girlfriend, not one less yo. The third act is the current.

light pick teeth spike is of no use, network promotion, pay attention to is the most creative and keep pace with the times, why she can be red, in this beautiful fairy everywhere to walk as much as dogs, society, all the aesthetic fatigue, Xifeng turned out favorable external adverse speculation Internet marketer, before casting today to get a green card, nurturing foreign guy, color and fengjie. Love Shanghai news hot search term is our best direction of the light, a few days ago, Li Chen heart stone event quite a sensation in various entertainment forum, this event as an example, I want to do a funny video clip plus PS animation component to promote my flying chess.

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