2, after the time factor is also a factor in ranking search results. For example, under the same circumstances, the latest information ranking than the old information ranking, of course, this is just a guess at Yang Changsheng.

search engine to search results into the time factor in the page? Yang Changsheng think there are the following factors:

! Why the

why love Shanghai to follow Google search results page with time factor. In the search results page in the earliest time factor is found in Google, a detailed introduction of an article before the Yang Chang Sheng wrote the Google search results page through 2 major changes, interested friends can see. While Google launched this feature soon after, recently when Yang Changsheng collected the Bamin shangmeng query surprised in Shanghai love the search results page found this. There are pictures and the truth:


4, his waiting for you to add.

but I always do not understand is that why these nice features, the ratio of foreign search engines China search engine is always one step behind? We are not also the reflection of

3, a preliminary understanding of the website. Grassroots friends can not use tools to query, can understand the weight of this website. As long as the extraction time and through the search engine search engine snapshot comparison, we can know how the weight of this web site.

because: www.8m3m贵族宝贝 owners to provide investment, so please keep the source, thank you



recently love Shanghai also moves constantly, from love Shanghai love Shanghai site incident, "Shanghai dragon artificial event", love Shanghai Shanghai dragon suggested the introduction of love, push Webmaster Platform Haili, has recently attracted great attention and grassroots friends. Be careful friends will find another little change in Shanghai: love love sea follow Google search results page with time factor.

?In this paper, by Green Tea

1, provide a better user experience, let users know to view reading information is born in the BC did not click on a specific page before the birth of the information, or yesterday. The users to save valuable time, faster and more accurate for the information they need.

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