to do a little test: Shanghai dragon love Shanghai optimize the word index is up to 619

love Shanghai Changsha website optimization, the first page is some rankings better site, such as my Changsha there, but when we turn to page second, page second will find very love Shanghai that occupy the front, as shown below:


so, we no longer need to complain about love Shanghai products than we know the ranking, [PS: when I complain about, we have succeeded in other early], this only shows that our website is not enough to make the search engine identity, give us a good ranking. Instead of complaining, rather quiet on our website where a problem. If you are not a good webmaster, then your station slowly polished

threw, a week again, week end, recently often heard so several voices in the group: "love Shanghai" keywords ranking is not good "lost" and "love Shanghai related products is always in front of me" just the beginning, but also a detailed. As we explain, for a long time, do not want to explain one by one, today on this topic and write an article.

this time we will think: is our website as a love Shanghai know? And there are a lot of advertising, then you begin to complain love Shanghai to give their products too much weight, love Shanghai ranked too well done and similar complaints, then why do you actually love the Shanghai website product.

search results showed that in the second row is a page in Lu Songsong’s article, we think such a high index of the word, a page can be why Lu Songsong in the second row, because this article to meet the needs of users? Because this article meets the keywords to optimize it? Actually is not, we do have to understand what the Shanghai dragon Lu Songsong, his blog on IP in thousands, the web site of the weight of natural high, so the inside pages in ranking odds is very big. So in the front row naturally very easy.


from the original 贵族宝贝fanda1688贵族宝贝/question/wt/120.html loading, please indicate the source.


we love Shanghai as a search engine, a day to love Shanghai know active users than the Lu Songsong web site a lot more, love Shanghai know active users will lead to the love of Shanghai’s own ranking, which is actually indirectly by high weight website a demonstration of the inside pages of the drive we all know that advertising on the site of the special, when what we search, we tend to believe that love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the user’s click to show to the user preferences ", so that the natural ranking will be in front.

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