For example, Guangzhou is a

1: keyword stuffing

first of all, we should make it clear that, in the process of Web site operators, Shanghai dragon is the process, and ultimately bring business and order is the purpose, but the key is the sensitivity of the user. If an enterprise website written in title so it will give people a very irregular feeling, the sensitivity of the user naturally down, many potential loss of business. So for small sites those workshops, such wording may have little effect, but the regular big enterprises is intolerable million.

XX, the main flower service, many enterprises hope in any page on Title XX wrote "flower company,……" In this form, it is also a typical error.

second, from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, this is not a piece of optimization. Basically speaking, the current search engine segmentation technology has been very mature, highly repetitive keywords stack effect is not big, even have the opposite effect. Like the above title you write "Guangzhou site construction site, fast service providers can, through the word already in fact the main keywords are included.

in title, on the left of the general keyword weight is higher, the more important the right. For small businesses, the most important thing is not their company name or brand, but they want to promote a product or service, it is recommended that you do not in any page on the title must add the name of the company. If you want to add, also proposed in the back.

title is generally the first 25 words is the best, so we can say.

: a website title writing typical errors

If a company named

title writing is very important to do Shanghai dragon in the optimization step, the basic work is also a Shanghai dragon er. But the author found that in practice there are many websites Title actually wrote is a problem, and even some years of employment in Shanghai dragon Er are still making mistakes. In this paper, the author firstly lists the typical mistakes in writing the title website, website written title must follow the principle of.

to do for the home station site, the title in "Guangzhou station | Guangzhou website | Guangzhou website | Guangzhou website," this is a typical error, the reason has two:

3: there are too many irrelevant words

2: the name of the company at the forefront of

for large companies, this kind of writing is not a problem, because the company’s brand is their most valuable asset, but for small businesses, their brand is not yet established, this style of title is a kind of waste, the reasons are as follows:

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