and I spent 10 yuan to get a piece of brown sugar, then she introduced: "in addition to sugar water, can not eat spicy food, but also pay attention to health, to avoid the many voices speaking place to eat, not to cause female psychological, but will make the heart.

"to give my girlfriend to buy sanitary napkins?"

"for women to an official holiday, when the body is empty, it is best not to let her do a lot of things, at the same time, how to make her brown sugar water, I have brown sugar to sell, you can see, a few dollars you can buy."

is the "uh…" I was a little embarrassed nod.

Under the guidance of her

when I took the sanitary napkin to checkout, the shopkeeper asked me, but her problems and did not let me off, and later let me ask her.

I patted his head, see light suddenly feeling, yes, I am so careless, if such a thing, what had to wait for the girlfriend to remind me to know, then I too failed, I came in, asked the female owner, which make up the body for holiday.

"this one, this is a good quality, I have been in use…… (omitted here a few hundred words)," supermarket owner patiently introduced,

"your girlfriend is the first day of the month to

girlfriend came holiday this month X night, stomach pain, because only she and I at home, in the premise of sanitary towel run out, I can only assume the responsibility to go to the supermarket to buy sanitary napkins, girlfriend when I go out to bid me certain brands of sanitary napkins, which brand is specific forget, because the city lived in the county, large supermarkets are closed, only a few scattered supermarket, the supermarket is open to one or two in the morning, easy to find the nearest one, the owner is a woman, saw me standing in front of the sanitary napkin shelf stand for a long time, came speak to me as to why I will stand half a day because my girlfriend asked forget what a sanitary napkin, it is worry.

many webmaster know user experience rules, but can let the user take the initiative to pay two times the consumption of less and less, can be said that they did not seize the implicit demand of users, to allow customers to take the initiative to do for the two time consumption, Shanghai dragon website optimization is the same, the website is like virtual shops, how to make customers take the initiative to seize the customer’s consumption demand need, and give me great inspiration of the event is to buy sanitary napkins events this month for a girlfriend, following the first story.




nodded to me! The owner continued: "the woman on the first day of month, the body is very empty, you guys naturally do not know, you should do some delicious patch for your girlfriend, or she would say you fool!"

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