specific means of fraud is: first make a false online ticketing website to find Shanghai dragon company the target keyword optimization to love Shanghai before three, users need to buy a ticket that users dial the telephone booking, the implementation of fraud on the phone to let users, fraud liar remittances success through his website, the website to enter keywords.

, immediately take over this business (at the same time, he has paid the first payment and I), the other suddenly feel very surprised, ask me why? Because I don’t have any evidence, but his guess, so, I replied: because we have a moral and social conscience of the bottom line at least. Then, I will head back to him. The other called a "crazy, not to earn money to go. The author with a wry smile, he will pull the black.

So the author proposed

what is this: this morning, the QQ suddenly received a customer consultation, let me help his site sex in Shanghai standings, consulted some problem, and then take the XX train station booking telephone "three key words let me quote. I found these words through a comprehensive test of the optimization difficulty is not large, so the X thousand yuan (disclose specific amount) price and let his hair look. The other did not counter-offer, give me. At the same time, also ask for the first payment account. At first, I was happy about, thought the money was still pretty easy, but then I was not easy, but became very heavy, on the surface, the website of the customer without any normal, but after analysis, occupation habits tell me, let me be a client optimization a fraud site.

after the event, the heart can not be calm, because, in this materialistic age, moral and social conscience, more and more people are gone, they in order to pursue their own interests, with some unfair means, so all kinds of fraud cheated a people emerge in an endless stream, an unknown truth good. Today, although the author rejected this single business, but can not guarantee that all Shanghai dragon Er can resist the temptation. In our Shanghai dragon team, there is a small part of the money was reduced to practitioners and their accomplices, help the fraud site optimization to the forefront of SE, make money with Mei xin. Just think, when those victims of tears, these unscrupulous swindlers reviled, whether those who help cheat Shanghai dragon Er heart there will be a trace of remorse?

with a single customer initiative to seek cost up to thousands of yuan of business, and the optimization is not difficult. I think, each Er Shanghai dragon will not let go, wants to make every effort to talk down the list. But just now, but I firmly rejected this piece of delivery will get fat. Because I know that as a Shanghai dragon Er, must have a moral and social conscience of the bottom line at least orders.

finally, I want to say, is a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is to abide by the moral bottom line and social conscience, is a prerequisite for orders. Only.

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