real contact with the Shanghai dragon has half the time, on the view of Shanghai Longfeng rookie. In Shanghai dragon field, read about the related knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a generalization, Shanghai dragon in China Xing in 2006, at the time of the standard search engine to Shanghai dragon did not ask too much, as long as a website making up keyword to be able to have a good ranking, with the the development of fast search. Now and then in the past can not satisfy the needs of the search engine, but one thing is for sure, the basic ideas and methods of Shanghai dragon did not change essentially.

: the first user experience of

second: < > relationship Shanghai Longfeng and search engine

many people blind to the Shanghai dragon made a conclusion, "content is king, the chain for emperor" in fact, this definition is not groundless. A heat is not high keywords, relying on the rich content and extensive chain can also enhance the site’s search engine rankings, but to the recognition of a website is to consider a number of factors, so only rely on the content and the chain of these two points is not enough, when we search a very competitive keywords when the search engine index database information from thousands of brush selected 800 related information displayed to the user (love Shanghai), and these 800 pieces of information inside the front of more competition is greater, so now you still feel on the content and the chain can have the confidence to make a home page? So we should start from multiple hand, get the search engine’s approval.

we do Shanghai dragon should pay attention to what? Let’s do a detailed analysis of

early in the site we should take into account the user experience, user experience is what? It can be understood; refers to the user in mind to your site when feeling, which can be divided into: functionality, reliability, availability, convenience, pleasure and meaning of. This is what I see in the excellent contest third Xiaohan blog, summed up in great detail, a successful website must be recognized by the user, because the search engine is for customer service, so we don’t because of Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon.

Shanghai Search Engine dragon is the abbreviation of Optimization Chinese translation for "search engine optimization" simply said, Shanghai dragon refers to the natural search results for web traffic technology. In recent years, with the rise of the Internet and non internet circle of people also know that network is just beginning to be a gold mine, the search engine is the Internet users search, comparison, determine the important channel of goods, so the Shanghai dragon has also been the concern of many people, more and more enterprises begin to use the Shanghai dragon to do their own goods, I want to have the website friends can personally experience the importance of Shanghai dragon, it can create an inestimable value to you, but it is not free, but the cost is relatively low.

said with me to Shanghai dragon understanding

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