in order to build a strong business, skilled team of cadres, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the IRS innovation ideas, in the overall development of accounting knowledge compliance activities.


Xining economic and Technological Development Zone tax accounting personnel to master certain professional knowledge, skills and knowledge about the requirement of post modernization, with information technology, practical, solid foundation to carry out training, pay close attention to improve job skills, combined with the development zone of actual work, formulated the "implementation plan" in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Office of the State Administration of Taxation on knowledge of accounting standards activities, to carry out accounting standards activities in the global use of knowledge about a year’s time. According to the basis of accounting standards, then the full financial accounting standards, and finally carry out the new accounting standards compliance activities of "three steps" overall planning, let global each worker through learning and training by the national accounting qualification examination, accounting basic qualified compliance rate of 100%, and strive to improve the District Bureau staff won the national title of accountant the proportion of cadres to solve the basic knowledge, basic skills, weak accounting audit ability problem fundamentally, improve the overall quality and efficiency of tax collection and administration.


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