in recent years, the province to speed up the development of lithium industry as an important starting point to promote the province’s industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote green development, strengthen policy support and project support, accelerate the construction of Qinghai billion yuan lithium industry base. Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission data show that in January to August this year, the province’s lithium carbonate production of 7530 tons, 5600 tons of lithium battery cathode materials, 960 megawatt hours, an increase of 3664.9%, 400%, 78%, the size of the lithium industry showed a rapid expansion trend, the whole industrial chain of lithium construction breakthrough.

this year, our province has formulated the "Qinghai province" in 13th Five-Year "new material industry development plan" and "Qinghai province to promote the development of new materials industry policy measures" "Qinghai province Saline Lake lithium resources development and utilization of Interim Measures" planning advice and support policies, efforts to make progress in two aspects, to expand the scale of the lithium industry chain. Along with the implementation of a number of Saline Lake lithium project in our province, lithium carbonate production capacity to achieve the "Qinghai province" in 13th Five-Year "new material industry development plan" proposed "to 2020 the province’s lithium carbonate production capacity of 125 thousand tons of" planning objectives, to provide a solid material guarantee to build one hundred billion yuan lithium industry. Currently, the province has built 33 thousand tons of lithium carbonate production capacity of lithium carbonate in construction to reach 120 thousand tons. The yield of positive materials for lithium batteries by 2015 300 tons per month to 800 tons per month, the province built in lithium battery cathode material production capacity will reach 39 thousand tons, and showed a lithium iron phosphate, lithium nickel manganese cobalt nickel manganese, diversified development pattern.

in addition, the province surrounding the filled diaphragm, electrolyte, lithium industry in the production of new energy vehicles and other industrial chain short board, actively planning docking industry chain tianpingbuqi projects, vigorously implement the industrial chain investment. Green Fair this year, our province and BYD, Huatai Automobile Group Company and a number of industry leading enterprises in our province will be successful signing, construction of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, lithium battery cathode materials and accessory production enterprises. At the same time, Qinghai North Czech new Mstar Technology Ltd power and energy storage battery separator project (phase I) has landed construction, Shantou golden light Tech Co., Ltd. 10 thousand tons of lithium electrolyte is actively negotiating. This batch of floor construction project, will promote the construction of the Saline Lake – lithium anode material and the electrolyte membrane for lithium battery manufacturing – new energy automobile manufacturing in our province, a complete industrial chain, to lay a solid foundation for the realization of the billion dollar industry development goals.


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