for the implementation of the brand strategy to further promote the Huangzhong County, county, take the brand trademark Fumin Road, Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau to guide and cultivate a number of measures to actively cultivate the regional brand. Up to now, the county has a total of 3 well-known trademarks, 6 well-known trademarks, good trademarks of the 25, the cultivation of trademarks of the total number of registered trademarks of up to 218, an increase of more than 2001, a total of 176, an increase of 519%.

Huangzhong County Office will target trademark cultivation, registered into the target content of county government assessment work of the township, the township to request cultivation, trademark registration, as a rigid target to support local economic development, to the township decomposition 2012 annual cultivation, the registered trademark, formed a heavy burden of everyone to pick all the cultivation of cadres arrested trademark work atmosphere.

Huangzhong County Bureau of industry and commerce to focus on the cultivation of trademarks in Huangzhong unique characteristics of agriculture, tourism, culture and art, etc.. Focus on the cultivation of beans, potatoes, rapeseed oil, anti season vegetables native products such as trademarks, Kumbum Monastery, South Mountain, Plateau State Shuo DOPA sports training base and other service trademark, Duitou, carpet, peasant paintings, Thangka painting art trademark etc..

is not aware of the importance of trademark for some enterprises, farmers and business owners, which leads to the negative situation of trademark cultivation. Industrial and commercial personnel to take the trademark "enterprises" knowledge "into" farmers "into the" management "into the community" into the school into the rural "six measures, vigorously promote the important role of" trademark law "and the trademark in the aspect of improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises, increase product added value, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Through an example, explain the role and importance of trademark in economic development, and guide enterprises and business households, farmers actively registered trademark. (author: Lining)

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