to conscientiously implement the "food safety law" and its implementing regulations, supervision of food production and processing enterprises to implement the quality safety responsibility, in July 6, 2012, the County Bureau of quality and technical supervision invited some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, news media, etc. the guanmatuan morals supervisors with bureau of leadership and staff under developed flour group Qinghai Datong flour limited liability company and chase star of modern agriculture and animal husbandry development Co., the scene to observe.

The implementation of the national quality inspection administration of quality, safety, and promote the development of strong, quality inspection to "work around

this activity, and promote the food quality and safety activities in depth, promote food production and processing enterprises to implement the main responsibility for food safety, the formation of the whole society convened concerted attention to the food safety of the environment.

observation group in Qinghai Datong group developed flour flour Co. Ltd. and Datong County Hongxing modern agriculture and animal husbandry development Co., Ltd. and on-site inspection of food production enterprises of raw and auxiliary materials, production workshop, laboratory and warehouses, the implementation of enterprise and raw materials purchasing recordrope ticket delivery, inspection and management of food additives product sales system for the examination. Then, on behalf of the members on the food safety supervision work with regulators and firms in a meeting, listened to the quality supervision departments and enterprises report, study group of current food production enterprise quality and safety problems and puts forward some suggestions.

observation group pointed out that food safety work responsibility, a Quality Supervision Bureau to further improve food quality and safety supervision, to perfect the mechanism, improve the regulatory capacity, strengthen the daily supervision, carry out the food safety special rectification action; the main responsibility and quality supervision departments of supervision of food production enterprises responsible for product quality and safety, deepening enterprise management, the establishment of credit system, strict food safety line, strengthen the contact with related departments, jointly safeguard and promote the quality of the products, to provide safe food for consumers.


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