12th Five-Year" since, I realized everyone around the province, "medical" target, efforts to solve the health problems and health problems of the people’s livelihood, especially in improving people’s livelihood health index under the time, out of the characteristic of Qinghai medical road. Health care reform, which is the biggest livelihood projects really fall on the masses of all ethnic groups. Health care reform, those who show a deep concern of government initiatives to benefit the people of all ethnic groups, highlighting the results of health reform and development, but also to warm the hearts of the masses. In the health care reform led by the masses "difficult and expensive to see a doctor" has been obviously improved, see the disease seek care, enjoy a healthy bonus more.
, I adhere to the important measure to deepen the reform as to protect and improve people’s livelihood, health care, medicine, medical closely around the "three doctors linkage" target, strengthen top-level design, and actively pilot, to promote the reform work, established the basic medical security, covering the whole province of drug supply security, medical service and public health service system, basic medical institutions over the "yaobu" history, the province’s health expenditure accounted for the proportion of GDP from 5.87% in 2008 increased to 7.59%, the residents personal health expenditure accounted for ratio decreased from 33.01% in 2008 to 25.94%, effectively protect and improve the people’s livelihood, health care reform has made important achievements.
– universal health insurance system has been basically established. The establishment of the basic medical insurance, illness insurance, illness emergency relief, medical assistance and medical insurance system for urban and rural residents per capita funding criteria significantly improved, increased from 104 yuan before the reform to 510 yuan in 2014, an increase of 3.9 times; the coverage continues to expand, the province’s health care insurance rate reached 98.5%; continuously improve the level of protection, hospitalization expenses the reimbursement ratio increased from 45% to 76% before the reform; the implementation of Medicare reimbursement in the immediate settlement; explore commercial insurance agency orgnaization of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, the health insurance policy, standards, contents, treatment, management of "five unification". Solid foundation of "medical services".
– the basic drug system to achieve full coverage. County three rural medical and health institutions have implemented the basic drug system, grassroots medical and health institutions to return to public welfare, medical institutions above the county level is equipped with basic drugs; the province’s drug delivery rate of up to 97.2%. Explore the establishment of a new mechanism for the procurement of drugs, basic drugs, non essential drugs, general medical supplies and high-value medical consumables all achieved the provincial centralized procurement, the cumulative burden of reducing the burden of more than 1 billion 300 million yuan.

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