the advent of the Internet has changed the basic way of shopping, online shopping has become the main choice of people’s daily lives. Yesterday, reporters from the Chongqing second years to catch 2016 Chinese activities and Internet plus rural tourism poverty alleviation activities press conference was informed that in December 2nd, the "online village" second year before activities will be kicked off at the Guanyin Bridge, the public can according to "activity guide online village" to 33 counties in the year before to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. It is reported that the event will continue until next year’s Lantern Festival, is expected to attract 100 thousand people to go to the countryside to help poor people to get rich 1 million.

The charm of the

country tour is the beauty of the seasons. "Online village" according to the different districts and different folk culture tourism resources, especially the seasonal characteristics of 33 set up a rural tourist routes, such as 58 yuan to experience rural life, Fuling Longtan farming fun, taste the local delicacy; 138 yuan Qijiang dam kill pig, ancient years, minority rural hygrophila rice dance and other activities.

In addition to this,

people can also experience the authentic ethnic minorities. In the Pengshui mountain poverty village, not only to experience the characteristics of traditional Miao such as tofu, fried rice, fried cake, play "," money staying-up late on new year’s Eve "door", "God" years to vulgar activity, but also to experience such as Miao "Festival" and "jump", "jump", "jump", "eat meal" popular entertainment.

in the columns, the public can experience authentic Tujia folk activities in the village, such as playing Ciba, do Glutinous Rice Balls powder, tofu, fried dumplings dumplings and other folk activities, but also to experience such as Tujia in the "day star", "silver rush", "catch the dog" in common recreational activities. In addition, in the South China Sea, Youyang Qianjiang small village of Pingqiao, Fengjie, Dongan city town is booming venue, are able to experience the colorful and interesting festival.

municipal Poverty Alleviation Office of inspector Jiang Zuqing briefed the meeting on last year, "the first online village" the year before event attracted about 10 thousand cars, 110 thousand city consumers to 16 impoverished areas in the city together, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival rural tourism consumption activities throughout the implementation, and sales of agricultural products more than 2000 yuan. This year, the year before, not only the length of time a month, the county has increased 17, is expected to attract 100 thousand car 1 million people to go to the countryside to celebrate the new year, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival.

for 1 million people in the countryside, each district "online village service station are ready to do the reception, however, the public can go through" online village "two-dimensional code, computer terminal or mobile phone PC APP need to go into the village, understand every poor village characteristics, and online booking in advance.

Chongqing "online village" activities began, we can get to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this chance! According to the "online village" responsible person recommended referral

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