recently, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of finance, land and resources department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry department and other 9 departments jointly issued "on the implementation of ecological burial section of the implementation of opinions", put in "13th Five-Year" period, to further deepening the reform, the full implementation of the funeral Huimin policy, the implementation of ecological burial section awards complement the incentive policy, the re burial of ashes coffin loaded, buried in mass graves and tombs scattered area exceed the standard and effective governance, ecological and customs section of funeral activities is still fresh air become mainstream.

ecological burial section, is to save resources and protect the environment as the value guidance, encourage and guide the people with deep burial, tree burial, burial at sea, and other sites of storage does not occupy or less land, less consumption of resources, less use of non degradable materials buried remains or ashes, to better promote the harmony of human burial with the development of nature. In the "13th Five-Year" period, in the cremation area led by the government of new public facilities ashes, and supervise the operation of the cemetery established ecological and land burial tombs, tomb land norms, no tombstone or a small tombstone; in the cremation area, to carry out buildings, corridors, halls, towers, walls and other forms of ashes the three-dimensional burial, advocate the use of land saving tombs and miniaturization of tombstone, actively promote the planting, planting flowers, grass ashes and other ecological burial ceremony, the use of degradable containers or directly to the ashes Kurano soil, no hard tomb and tombstone. Advocate scattered ashes, buried and so does not retain the burial of ashes. In the burial area of reform, should focus on the remains or ashes buried in the cemetery or rural public cemetery (put), advocate the remains or ashes buried, leaving graves or tree generation tablet; actively provide online booking, service hotline, consultation window convenient way to expand the whole guide, sad comfort and other services, pay attention to afforest and beautify the environment, guide low-carbon civilization sweep, keep the area clean and solemn tomb; advocate network sweep, sweep of flowers, trees, etc. to hikers Yaoji civilization carbon sweep, concelebrated mass organization, community, family and other modern memorial memorial memorial activities, carry forward the excellent traditional culture for the funeral, and guide the masses to gradually shift from a focus on the field sweep to real spiritual heritage.

in security measures, members and cadres to play the lead role, in-depth implementation of the eight Central and provincial regulations on Party cadres to take the lead in promoting the reform of funeral, take the lead in the implementation of cremation, take the lead in ecological burial section, take the lead in promoting funeral Jane do, take the lead in civilization carbon sweep; strengthen the propaganda and guidance, loved by the masses. The propaganda ecological burial section, strengthen the positive incentive for the mass funeral concept and funeral activities guide; perfect premium incentive mechanism, to implement the basic funeral service fee for the content of the funeral Huimin policy, real equal access to basic public services of the funeral. The tree, sprinkle powder, deep, and other sites of storage does not occupy or less land, and the burial area remains buried without leaving graves and other ecological burial, included in the premium range, to encourage people to actively participate in; focus on capacity building, for the convenience of the masses area residents, civilization thrifty funeral and offering sweeping, the construction of centralized office the funeral funeral service;

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