In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social forces to participate in the pension services, pension service system to mobilize social forces to build a multi-level, multi way, to further enhance the quality of service pension level, recently, the provincial finance department in conjunction with the civil affairs jointly formulated by the government to buy the social forces pension service implementation measures. It is understood that the measures for the government to buy pension services projects, the purchase of the main body and to undertake the main body, the purchase method, payment criteria and funding sources, the purchase process and organizational security, etc.. In the purchase of the project, the way to clear the government to buy pension services are mainly two aspects of home care and institutional pension. Specifically for the elderly to provide accommodation, medical treatment, nursing, cleaning, spiritual comfort and other daily life care. In the purchase, according to the different types of pension services provided by social forces, reasonable determination of the government to buy services, in principle, can be used to purchase services, purchase service jobs, public and private construction under way to purchase pension service. In the purchase process, the civil affairs departments at all levels from the purchase of the main responsible for the management of pension service work and affiliated institutions, in accordance with the relevant provisions to determine a reasonable government purchase service plan, including the purchase of services, the quantity and quality of the project budget, etc., reported at the Department of Finance approval, relevant information to the public. Through public bidding, invitation to tender, competitive negotiation, inquiry, single source procurement and other ways to determine the main undertaking, after the two sides signed the purchase contract organization. In the payment standard, in accordance with the "guaranteed profit principle, reasonably determine the payment standard of government purchase pension service; according to the principles of pension services provided by the number of different objects and to determine the subsidy standards, as determined by the civil affairs department and the finance department at the same level. The government needs to purchase pension services, mainly from all levels of fiscal budget arrangements, the lack of appropriate financial assistance given by the higher authorities.  

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