although the demand for dry cleaning market is indeed very large, but the same number of operators in this market, so if you want to successfully set up shop, you need to do more work. So, how to successfully open a dry cleaning shop? Xiao Bian to make a simple analysis for you to see if it will help your business.

: the first dry cleaning stores in the choice to join the brand before the brand to choose carefully, to the brand to inspect, conditional can go to the local brand with the consultation, it is best to go to the headquarters of the on-the-spot investigation, the investigation object includes the history of the brand, brand reputation and reputation, equipment quality, customer service service if there is a perfect security, technical training, good mature brand at least hundreds of successful stores, they have rich experience, can give you the shop to reduce unnecessary trouble. Unified design style dry cleaning franchise brand good reputation and credibility with the store, which will enhance the image of the store, to bring you the intangible assets, can save you advertising costs, reduce your initial investment.

second: choose brand, dry cleaners selected location is a very important thing, good location can make your customers Everfount effort. Dry cleaning clothes are the main target of white-collar workers, government workers, business people, hotels and so on, so the site is generally selected in the business gathering area, high-density residential areas, commercial trunk road, etc..

dry cleaning franchise headquarters in general will you join after washing technology and equipment system for your operation training, washing technology must be mastered, imagine a clothes to your shop, do not wash clean or wash the bad, the next who would dare to do laundry. In addition to improving the quality of service, the reception is the first to give the customer the impact of quality service to a profound impact, others will be willing to wash clothes.

dry cleaning industry is a short season more obvious industry, dry cleaners can washing technology and service consciousness of employees during the off-season training, can also adjust the holiday for employees, busy time don’t have much time to rest. In addition to engage in some promotional activities in the off-season and holidays, such as for washing, point free laundry, small gifts, the stable customer can monthly promotions laundry. I believe that your quality of service, excellent dry cleaning technology, good brand image, reasonable price positioning will give you a stable source, with the source of your business will be better and better.

We need to consider a lot of factors, we do a lot of work, only the work of all aspects of the

in place, to ensure the success of the business. So, if you open a dry cleaning store and you want to be successful, do you know what you need to do?

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