Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau seismic technology post training 01 2011 26 in the morning, Xining City Seismological Bureau to ensure quick report, strengthen emergency "as the theme, carried out a large-scale training activities in science and technology monitoring. The activities adhere to the "do what to practice, what is missing, what" principle, in accordance with the "positions based on pragmatic requirements, to improve the monitoring personnel functions as the starting point, to promote competition, to promote competition practice, increase quality, strong skills to improve the technical level. The event to the province and the city of Xining earthquake events as the background, to take the form of classification test, the five monitoring personnel conducted a post training. Through this training, monitoring personnel to strengthen the seismic analysis skills, proficient in emergency procedures, provide a guarantee for the information of seismic and seismic activities in the upload issued, there are still some deficiencies, monitoring staff are fully aware of their lack of gap and, in future work we aimed at this shortage how to carry out training activities to strengthen the monitoring of personnel skill level.  


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