Xining City Bureau of education for the first time the large organizations to Beijing to participate in the "dynamic" of basic education reform of special training activities at the end of the day before, this is a special training educational system in Xining City, the largest city, all secondary school principals and school units is mainly responsible for the District (county) Education Bureau, a total of 61 people participated in the the seminar activities.

in order to accurately grasp the new situation and new requirements facing the development of basic education under the new situation, and effectively promote the curriculum reform, the full implementation of quality education, and effectively improve the management level of primary and secondary schools in our city, promote the school to improve the quality, brand building, city board of education in charge of the organization after attending the 12 day the Beijing special training activities. During the training, the participants by listening to reports, seminars, visits and other forms of training, the interpretation of law of compulsory education of primary and secondary school principals leadership, the objectives of the new curriculum reform and the implementation of quality education, and classroom teaching reform 11 topics. Through training, make our city school district (county) Secretary for education are many insights and inspiration, and greatly improve the implementation of the party’s education policy and the implementation of quality education, enhance the confidence of education in Xining. (reporter Cara)


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