Missing person…… Look forward to good people forward." In micro-blog, almost every refresh, are looking for lost elderly help micro-blog out of the police station received the alarm, the old man lost, Xining city rescue station staff said that the rescue lost man is an important part in the rescue work daily. Reporters found that in recent years, the number of elderly people in many communities are on the rise.The old man had lost

"some elderly people suffering from mental illness, sometimes sober sometimes confused, out of sudden onset may have lost." The ancient city homes for the relevant responsible person said, the home had a mental illness in the elderly, before the children live in homes for the elderly, she will be locked in the house, conscious, he unlocks the door to go out, result in the street is lost, but the incidence, not far away, the children were found the.

old lost how to do

Xining relief management Zhanfuzhanchang Ma, January 2015 to August, Xining city rescue station took a total of 522 missing elderly, and eventually they will be sent home.

if lost by the public security department or the elderly people to the rescue station, the old man was unable to tell the family address, the assistance station will according to the old man’s clothing, accent, preliminary screening is lost in what part of the.

if you still can not check out the old address, the assistance station through newspaper advertisements, publish information on the tracing network, or be published news and other channels for the elderly through public assistance station WeChat platform, compared to the previous only small ads posted along the street, to find more opportunities, cooperate with each other in the rescue station, public security, the community and other departments under the lost man can find the family.

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