1 22, 2009, the provincial people’s Congress organized part of the Qing National People’s Congress on behalf of the focus of the inspection activities carried out in the twelve. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, led the inspection and made an important speech, Deputy Director Su Ning attended the inspection and presided over the forum.

inspection team in the thematic study of the general principles of the civil law (Draft) three reviewers and thematic counseling report on the basis of one by one discussion, fully brewing, make suggestions for amendments. Deputies listened to the provincial people’s government, the Provincial Higher People’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate on behalf of the proposed preparations for the work of the report on the proposal to modify and improve the material suggestions.

mu of Dongsheng, the government and the preparatory work fully affirmed, he pointed out that the National People’s Congress to fully understand the importance of this study and discuss the work, firmly highly consistent with the Party Central Committee, in-depth study, careful reading discussion, to ensure that the draft law passed; Fellow Deputies to extensive contacts with the people the masses, conscientiously carry out investigation and study and collected on behalf of individual or joint proposal, the desire of the masses think and hope to bring it to the province; the government houses and related departments should cooperate to form a cohesive force, the relevant units and departments should actively cooperate with the representative of pre survey inspections, timely to provide the representative information security, informed knowledge on behalf of government, to ensure the success of the conference.

Suning stressed that all units should support each other, working unity, the preparation and participate in the service work as an important political task, due diligence, dedication, down-to-earth preparations for the conference and service work.


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