for the promotion of real estate to the inventory, the Qinghai provincial government issued "on the day before the implementation of opinions" to promote the real estate inventory, introduced a number of measures.

According to the implementation of the views of the

, the greater the commercial housing stock in Qinghai or in the construction of large commercial housing land area, according to market conditions to reduce the supply of land. Guide enterprises will not be adjusted to the development of real estate land for emerging industries, pension industry, tourism industry, sports industry and other purposes, to promote investment in other industries.

at the same time, in the premise of full respect for the wishes of the people, the purchase of commodity housing stock placement by means of direct monetary compensation, the government to bypass the resident self purchase of commodity housing and government, accelerate shantytowns resettlement, improve the proportion of monetized resettlement shed. Through the reduction of taxes and fees, encourage the development of enterprises and other measures to promote the transformation of ordinary commodity housing inventory into shantytowns resettlement housing.

clear implementation opinions, will actively support farmers and herdsmen and other new citizens to live in the city, to encourage and guide the banking financial institutions to increase farmers and herdsmen into the city to buy ordinary housing credit support. Qinghai province will develop the development and implementation of the development of the housing rental market, the implementation of the purchase and rent simultaneously, the development of the housing rental market. Actively promote the construction of housing rental service platform to increase the supply of rental housing land.

in addition, in accordance with the implementation of views, Qinghai province will further relax the housing accumulation fund loan conditions, improve the housing fund extraction and lending business processes, the development of different loans, reduce housing provident fund balance. The ability to have the wishes of individual industrial and commercial households and migrant workers into the housing accumulation fund system, expanding the scope of housing provident fund. Continue to release the rigidity of urban residents and improve housing demand. And encourage real estate development enterprises to comply with market rules to adjust marketing strategies, the initiative to reduce the price of commercial housing sales.

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