Stable control prices is to promote the mass line of educational practice in Xining targeted to solve some of the outstanding issues and contradictions raised one of the six key actions. In May 27th, reporters from the Municipal Government Information Office held a press briefing was informed that this year, Xining city lay a portfolio of price stability control, to ensure that the first four months of the general price level basically stable, 1-4 in the consumer price index over the same period last year fell by 2.3 percentage points, 15 million 230 thousand yuan of funds to ensure the regulation of agricultural and sideline products supply the price is stable.

put 25 thousand tons of vegetables reserves. In the winter and spring vegetables transported to increase reserves and meat reserves on the basis of, from March 20th to the end of April, to market carrots and other 8 varieties of reserves of 25 thousand tons of vegetables, effectively stabilize the market price of vegetables.

enclave food supply basket". Integration of 67 million yuan of funds, the construction of a high standard of warm winter greenhouse, such as 2500, and strive to achieve annual output of vegetables of 820 thousand tons. At the same time to speed up the province and outside the vegetable enclave construction, to ensure the completion of the core facilities of 5000 acres of greenhouse construction, and consultation with the city of East Asia and other vegetables enclave base construction.

adds 15 cheap meat dishes through train. The city’s 30 new parity store is actively organizing the site for approval. On the basis of 15 cheap meat dishes have been put on the basis of the recent purchase of new cheap meat dishes will soon be put into operation in the car, expand the sale of affordable community coverage of the 15.

classification of 28 kinds of vegetables zero slip control. The main bazaars of the city’s vegetable dealers booth fee subsidies on the basis of the 28 main vegetable varieties strict classification and grading zero slip control, effectively curb the vegetables, soy products and fresh pork market prices rise unreasonable.

egg and bean products. From the beginning of the city’s main bazaars egg and bean products retail stalls in the booth fee waived on the basis of the implementation of government subsidies to make egg per Jin retail price lower than the market retail price of 0.5 yuan of sales.

it is reported that the city will be the new 2-3 by the public nature of standardized farmers market, adding 10 cheap food supply stores, continue to implement the zero slip control and a new round of government subsidies and other measures to ensure the stability of market price of 2014 of the general public concern.


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