in recent years, Datong County to effectively reduce the burden of medical treatment of patients with insured, and actively take five measures to ensure the implementation of the new rural cooperative Huimin policy.

from March 1st this year, Datong County canceled the participation of farmers to the province, the city designated medical institutions must be issued to the county level two hospital management office issued a certificate of referral procedures. Patients with the basic information can be selected to participate in the province, the city designated medical institutions for hospitalization. At the same time, from the beginning of July 1st this year, the county NCMS special qualification examination and approval by the disease and chronic disease management, Social Security Bureau NCMS acceptance, in line with the conditions of the day to complete the formalities for examination and approval; on the implementation of the fund expenditure audit level responsibility system, to ensure that each of the funds of the reasonable expenditure, stop taking the impostor, funds and other phenomena; simplified the accident harm accident by the reimbursement process, the County Township two joint management office approval, unified medical expenses allocated to the township of joint management office, and then by the township pipe office staff issued to the hands of patients, reduce the reimbursement process; according to provincial and municipal relevant documents, revise and improve the "agreement" medical report advance service, clear medical institutions and agencies of both responsibility and obligation, improve handling efficiency, standardize the medical behavior, prevent the unreasonable treatment and The growth of unreasonable medical expenses. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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