reporter from the July 29th meeting of the IFAD six Qinghai Province mountain area poverty alleviation project 2015-2016 annual plan inspection summary of the meeting was informed that, as the first to use foreign capital large-scale comprehensive poverty alleviation projects in our province, since the project since the official launch in January this year, the provincial cities and counties (districts) for the project office on the linkage, coordination, project the construction of substantive progress.

one of my province area is a national six Panshan concentrated special difficult areas, is the province’s poverty alleviation "yinggutou". In 2012, six report of Qinghai Province mountain area poverty alleviation project IFAD loans approved by the national development and Reform Commission, provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and IFAD has organized several experts to carry out thorough investigation in the project area, identification and preliminary design of the project, project planning, project evaluation and final design work on the basis of common signed a memorandum of cooperation for a period of 5 years.


project involves Huangzhong, Huangyuan, and Ledu, people, mutual aid, Longhua and 7 counties of Xunhua, through the construction of water conservancy infrastructure and the development of special industries, increase market access, non-agricultural income and training methods,


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