is due to iodine deficiency disease of iodine deficiency in the natural environment we live in, which caused a series of diseases related to human iodine deficiency showed that the victims are mainly women and children. For the Chinese government to the WHO commitment to the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders, control agencies at all levels of the city government, the administrative department of health and disease in the region, the Department, the prevention and control planning, clear objectives, the implementation of work responsibilities, have done a lot of in-depth and meticulous work, I reached the city in 2005 following the basic elimination of iodine the lack of disease targets, and further increase the iodine deficiency disease comprehensive prevention and control efforts, focusing on the prevention and control work is relatively weak and poor areas of implementation of the free distribution of iodized salt and health education measures, greatly enhance the overall effect of prevention and control of endemic diseases, 2010 by the Provincial Leading Group Office of the organization of expert review, I have achieved the approval the standard of eliminating iodine, elimination of iodine deficiency disorders at the forefront of the province level. In order to consolidate the city of eliminating IDD work leading group office, city of endemic disease endemic disease, actively coordinating leading group office for iodized salt 15 tons, and in January to mid February 10th for free to poor people in Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties issued iodized salt.
through the free distribution of iodized salt, to further improve the iodine nutrition level of poor people in three counties in poor rural areas, consolidation plays a positive role in eliminating iodine deficiency disease outcomes, but also reflects the party and government attach great importance to the lack of disease prevention and control work in poor areas of iodine, warmly welcomed by the masses. According to statistics, the activities free of charge to three counties in the town of 6, poor households in the 1972, the distribution of iodized salt of about 7374 people, about 2 kilograms per person, according to the standard Edible Yu Tian.

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