October 16th, the city held an old cadre of the party’s mass line educational practice briefing. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning to always care, concern and support the development of Xining old cadres informed the central and provincial deployment of educational practice, the main practice of educational practice and achievements, consolidate and expand the preliminary consideration of the effectiveness of educational practice. At the meeting, Bi Xiaoning objectively summarizes the theoretical results, the city’s educational practice to achieve practical and systematic achievements, analyzes and summarizes the successful experience of education practices, and according to the central and provincial outstanding ideas of Party building, Party building, Party building system, strictly implement the main responsibility of the deployment requirements, that strictly, pay close attention to the style of construction the next step of normalization, long-term, sustained and in-depth grasp the implementation of the rectification attitude and determination. Veteran cadres are the valuable wealth of the party and the state. At the meeting, Bi Xiaoning of all cadres expressed the most sincere blessing, and said, the educational practice activities, such as by all the old cadres support and attention, through several meetings, comments, suggestions, and old cadres for the city’s educational practice activities carried out smoothly to contribute an own strength, providing good experience and good practices, good advice, play the role of veteran cadres. All the old cadres in the long-term practice of revolution and construction and establish a firm position and belief, has accumulated rich experience and wisdom, created a sublime experience and style, the implementation of strict requirements, continue to practice the mass line, pay close attention to the normalization of style building, long-term construction, people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, cannot do without the support and attention of the old cadres, I hope that the old cadres in the future as in the past attention to the work of the city, provided many valuable comments and suggestions for the reform development and stability.  

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