do not look at many shopkeepers are constantly learning a variety of business skills and the like, however, many times the business is good or bad, often depends on some small details of the operation. Some time ago, my cousin came back from overseas workers, decided to do business at home roasted business market.

I know, there are two perennial fixed do business on the market stalls roasted. Among them, there is a do roasted taste is very good, a lot of customers who love to buy his house. The cousin is done before the construction work, heard that he was going to do business I was very worried about food.

one day, I went to the market to buy things, by the way to see cousin. Unexpectedly, a lot of customers around the booth next to the cousin, business is very prosperous. My heart is very strange, then go to the booth, to my cousin greeted, then grabbed a melon taste, the taste can also be. Then I stood by and watched him do business.

"ok! I’ll give you some more." Cousin action skilled, enthusiastic attitude, customer satisfaction left.

I thought, my cousin is sure to seize the customer’s psychology, in order to win, to win the favor of customers.

after a while, when his cousin idle, I chatted with him.

cousin, now the market competition is fierce, the business is not good to do ah! To sell roasted puerile, give customers some benefits." I think that the rich experience, told the cousin of the business".

hey hey!" Cousin smiled. He blinked, and whispered his secret.


, cousin after careful observation, found near the stall are roasted seeds and nuts for goods shovel. The general customers to buy roasted seeds and nuts, stall is a shovel shovel on the scale, then take down chengduo. Cousin on the mind, prepared a small shovel, a shovel point, not enough to go up.

"If the

get down from the roasted seeds and nuts on the balance, the customer will feel this stall very stingy, also worried quejinshaoliang. I used small goods shovel continue to scale Tim, can let the customer feel the weight, my generous roasted. With this comparison, the customer is willing to take care of my business." Cousin said with a smile.

did this make you have a new understanding of business? Do you feel that you have mastered a lot of business skills and how to do it, it is not a small details of the success or failure. After listening to my cousin, I have to admire his shrewdness. In the era of homogenization of goods, businesses can grasp the details of some small business, I believe it can play a multiplier effect.

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