in our lives when we walk on the road, there will always be some people to send us some small cards, but the distribution of a lot of cards is illegal. The reporter learned from the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, from December 6th onwards, Chengdu police special combat sporadic small cards, Danghuo sporadic small card personnel 113 people, including 36 people in administrative detention; the collection of "small card" in 33 thousand, which involved yellow card 29 thousand. After training focus, scope of five urban and high-tech zone with "small card" illegal activities have been effectively curbed, outstanding problems have gradually improved.

since December 6, 2016, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the "iron fist action · focus on governance lie robbery action" the relevant requirements, many police departments in close collaboration, the territorial Branch police station, strengthen the main responsibility, to carry out a month long remediation street and public places send "card" special action, in the traffic lights first, motor vehicles, non motorized vehicles with "small card", especially in the Gaestgiveriet Hotel surrounding distribute jurisprudence small card etc. the impact of road traffic order and social order phenomenon to carry out special rectification actions.

since the action, Chengdu police with the public to reflect and report, comprehensive Mopai comb small card activity rules, the city built 35 key columns and 40 key area of land area, increase patrols density, timely dissemination of "small card" in the streets and public places, the illegal personnel shall be severely punished blow, fines, administrative detention and other penalties; on the distribution of jurisprudence of small card illegal workers and related organization, command, planners strictly investigated for criminal punishment, is firmly held criminally responsible; the Penzion Plesnivec Hotel and the jurisprudence of small card production dens and printing factory to trace and strict treatment.

how to deal with the distribution of small card behavior? Chengdu began to crack down on illegal activities, will effectively curb the illegal distribution of cards for the norms of social atmosphere is of great significance! At the same time, the Chengdu public security official said, the next step will be gradually more departments, joint prevention forces to participate in the special rectification action to strengthen the fight against remediation efforts, establish long-term working mechanism, effectively deter such criminal activities.

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