youth is the personality of the era of publicity, youth is the courage to stride forward, as long as you have a brave heart, youth becomes permanent heart. Death is not old. The choice of food can still make your youthful personality, the market into a product of a happy barbecue to give you a different experience.

with the endless variety of food we eat what the problem is prone to disagreement. Some people like to eat barbecue, and some people can not resist the charm of the hot pot, when the difference between the two, how to choose?. Whether it is a couple dining or friends gathering is your best choice, not only to make everyone satisfied, but also in the deep taste of the deep taste of love.

has been in the South Korean capital of Seoul, there is an inconspicuous shop every day diners in a continuous line, more guests from admiring, all for a unique combination of delicacy. The shop owner is a more than and 70 year old couple, local regulars affectionately called love, the host is a rinse roast "Chinese, the hostess is Korean, they will be home sign of old Beijing Hot pot and delicacy Korean barbecue together, let the soup boiled and roasted to bring new feelings to the taste buds.

Beijing into a happy barbecue

, a South Korean investigation into Beijing, founder of a product attracted by its novel mode, the full spirit of love more people moved, so he decided to carry forward the combination of China and South Korea will rinse roast, the two old people "love grilled" concept spread to Asia, but to all over the world, providing a reliable for all consumers, a great brand, worthy of respect for Beijing, a product brand came into being, from birth to perfect the management idea, the continuous improvement of technology, to create a healthy grilled new standard.

Beijing into a product with spices are the origin of special secret materials, pure flavor, long aftertaste. More with a variety of rare Chinese herbal medicine, so that food is more health care magical effect. Both the marinade, sauces, dips, dry material, oil, water and material, Beijing into a product to strictly control all aspects of food production, but also for the ingredients and taste the crowd around the development of a variety of taste, so that the customers can find the most delicious barbecue


Beijing into a happy barbecue

Beijing into a product by the customer care, barbecue buffet way to entertain in business, will eat and drink and play, into one, here you can enjoy authentic Korean barbecue, can also feel the Chinese Shabu is more suitable for Chinese taste. Beijing into a product of a buffet barbecue two flavors, China and South Korea integration of the two is not wrong, so that customers eat happy, eat satisfied. More people feel full of love, eat not only comfortable and happy!


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