entrepreneurial premise requires funds, but also need to find office space, entrepreneurs in Chongqing, people who encounter such a problem will be able to get a good solution. Chongqing SME board has a very favorable policy support.

"or" office building is too small?

will be added to cultivate building industrial park 20

to start, start looking for good business base – the office or plant essential. Not to mention that the cost of expensive venues is prohibitive for many entrepreneurs. Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of small and medium enterprises, in this year, the city will focus on cultivating new building industrial park 20. These industrial parks will serve entrepreneurs in Chongqing.

Compared with

"building industrial park and other places, the rent is cheap, can significantly reduce the cost of enterprise." City SME Bureau official told reporters, in addition, the building industry park allows entrepreneurs to hold together the development, the formation of a complete industrial chain, improve the competitiveness of entrepreneurs.

"" small and micro enterprises financing difficulties?

for entrepreneurs high financing cost, also gives the solution. This year, Chongqing will continue to implement the policy of financial support agencies to ensure that small and micro enterprises guarantee fees at 2% and below, to ensure that the financial assistance in place of 0.5%." Financial Services Department official told reporters.

to the listing and financing of entrepreneurs, the reporter learned that, if your business growth in the Chongqing version of the share transfer center listing hatch version, you will get the reward, support. At the same time, will also establish a small and medium enterprise project repository, docking central and local SME development guide funds, angel funds, etc..

in the banks and financing service related sources, will increase with the silver recommended

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