as long as the owner of the business, I believe have encountered such a situation, it is clear that business has come to the mouth. But because of various reasons, leading to business is ultimately failed in the end. Especially, when guests together with the owner lalacheche, to buy gifts — the true guests want to buy, the owner not to buy. Its true feelings are not discussed here, as businesses, how should we do? Ask the doctor for help

The main symptoms of

to fat to run for

to do the shopkeeper

The main flavor

prescription smiled at me and turned into at work


true true false true

money is considered our work deep

shop owner called

three nonsense from


business business is good or bad, not only care about the goods, quality, price, but also to grasp the details of the business, to earn money to feed their families, the formation of a strong situation, earn their money, make fun. If not the business details, so business is not to come to the customer, after lalacheche go, owner heart depressed more details to the.

is today the teacher said this problem, although not every day we met the storekeeper, but three days five days once is not strange and eccentric, guests from afar, want to buy a gift to show your mind, this is very understandable, but also have the silly thick master, not only do not let people spend money, but also to the store, lalacheche let to let go, don’t let friends pay.

this does not involve the owner of anything, anyway, you have to buy, I will be able to make money, if you do not buy, I have nothing to lose. But the development of things is not the case, if this business can last, is whether the store on how much to sell something, will smile, people praise friends one, seems not enough, it seems that this relationship is good, false display of affection, this is the money to be happy.

but a lot of time is not to end the business. Wait until the two left the store and lalacheche. The shopkeeper woke up to God, you see, this good business, I have not been successful, seeing to the fat of the mouth so easily flew away, depressed Oh, you say this to do what the master is so tight, if the guests can spend some money, selling point I store goods no, I can earn money. But they are far away, we do not use depressed ah.

such a business details can be a good, if one and then three, if often in the store, if the business is often unsuccessful, then the owner must be depressed a lot. What to do, how to do

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