in order to meet the needs of the market and the business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, to join the project is very teimao, with market development space choice. The teimao? Not only meet consumer demand for the delicacy, teimao joined the project, or very business choice!

a, grasping fruit drink culture, good market prospects

Chinese drink fruit drink is the whole world to know things, teimao as a green fruit drink brand, it is such a market basis for the premise, teimao only with the development of the premise. The main consumer groups no age limit, all consumers will shop in the teimao stores, choose the most suitable for their own products. And overthrow the traditional drink fruit drink tea fine mode, only need to open the cup cover big drink, the perfect solution to the city now young workers in the fast pace of life, to taste the charm of the Chinese fruit drink problem. It is with this market demand, teimao can as a pursuit, based on the market, investors will according to the development prospect of the teimao, to follow the market trend and join.

two, to meet consumer demand, a variety of healthy fruit drink

teimao as a green fruit drink brand, its brand and teimao in development, are very aware of the rules of the market competition, so it Everfount launched new products, every kind of fruit drink product variety, and other special, sweet fruit drink low-fat raised by scientific proportioning method for, sugar and calories are strictly controlled, selected high quality ingredients, the use of imported high-quality milk, with Italy’s traditional building’s way of making the fruit drink teimao allows consumers to enjoy the delicious fruit drink at the same time, do not worry about fat and body problems, not only loved by young people, even the elderly children love are not released, suitable for all ages of consumption, people conquer the increasingly discerning taste buds, let every man love eat fruit drink, to teimao fondle admiringly.

three, innovation and wealth join mode, win-win cooperation

teimao brand new rich franchise model, headquarters to provide butler service to join from the site to the operation for the franchisee, multi angle to open up a free shortcut to make money for the franchisee. Teimao to build healthy and nutritious life as the concept of brand headquarters is committed to teimao create high-quality fruit drink image, the brand will be teimao policy for all franchisees to provide the most comprehensive and excellent business support from the franchisee’s menace from the rear. Now only a million yuan can have a low investment cost, high returns, quick profits can enjoy the Department to send someone to teach hands brand core technology, allows you to easily grasp the products production, sales marketing and sales service teimao the franchise, you are still hesitant what? >

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