for the first time, many things happen in the future that they have never experienced before. In addition to creativity and ideas, there are some basic business rules, if the start-up companies in advance to understand, then you can let them in the process of entrepreneurship, a lot less detours.

1, set realistic expectations:

BrianHamilton’s two son’s first idea was to build a web design company. But soon, they found that the idea of competition is that they can not make a firm foothold in a summer. So they changed their minds and cleaned the house. BrianHamilton’s advice is to start a business (especially first business) you need to ask yourself, "what is the easiest way to earn a dollar?" your first attempt, or reject all Create Company make up the idea of running, then you continue your business dream.

2, dapper:

BrianHamilton’s two sons are very friendly, so in their first venture, they want to bring their friends in particular. But BrianHamilton warned that running a low profit business, especially in the early stages of the business, means that you have to limit the number of employees to complete the work. Until the business has a customer base guarantee, otherwise the enterprise can not expand the number of.

3, the use of cheap marketing:

4, do not bid too low:

5, find the right partner:

BrianHamilton at the time of the two sons, but they are shy. He was glad to find a >

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