in the face of fierce competition, every shop in the idea of trying to improve their competitiveness in order to get a higher recognition in the brutal competition. To enhance the store competitiveness can be starting from many aspects, and small series presented here is from a good name to.

walks down the street, I like all the names of the people, the Chinese, the shell, and so on. More and more consumers to shop in all sorts of strange things that beckons, is a businessman with a cool name to attract consumers trying to eye.

in Yongcheng Electric Power Bureau in front of the length of less than 200 meters on the road, nearly 100 stores. Walk along the path for 20 minutes, found several name and sign is very interesting, let a person gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Lady beauty health museum, Sunday is carbon pan fish, court Nassau beauty SPA life Museum, to cut hair salon, the barbecue, hillbilly Deli, mood boutique, 1986 classic image station other perm division, spicy village, rain photography room, A Lei international image design.

signs and some are still under a lot of effort, such as the red basin thirteen authentic Xuyi fragrant lobster, fish and chicken, chicken feeding fish; hot dyeing base will not make blind and disorderly conjectures, hot let you angry, old-fashioned, vulgar style, two peers, a free etc..

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Yongcheng city residents, in other streets in Yongcheng, nice, good-looking, easy to remember the name of many, many shop signs is borrowed from poetry to.

in Shangqiu city behind the Yangtze River Road, the road to Shenhuo Avenue nearly 500 meters, is the blue chess space find everything fresh and new professional accessories with painting, meditation tea, good boy hot dyeing mechanism, the golden scissors perm boutiques, Bao Yutang, kiss baby swimming, red house style style, new horizons glasses salon. Is in the north and east of the road, a small kitchen, fragrance also impressively good teacher counseling classes, 100 food source, Jin Yi Lou Guantang features a variety of shops etc..

in the city a few main roads, half past eight friends club, hair wave, interesting teahouse, Zhuo Yue cosmetics, birthplace barber shop, barber shop, said today, but also to attract the attention of consumers.

all kinds of signs, the name has become a beautiful landscape in the city at present, decorated with beautiful at the same time, but also to consumers is permeated with their extraordinary charm. It seems, a creative name, the benefits of self-evident. From the barber’s hair on the top of brigade, Kung Fu, the highest court, to the hotel, Liu Hua Wen porridge, from the clothing to the mega shirt, 1+98 bar, more and more consumers to shop in all sorts of strange things.

Zhongzhou Road, a barber shop

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