with the arrival of the new year 2013, but also for the vast number of investors, investors, brought more big market, with more good projects, with more investment opportunities, then, what are the 2013 new projects? You can get a sneak peek!

personality will become the hot tourism Chong

software industry have a brilliant future

game market overall showing rapid growth, boutique scene. Domestic game software products compared with previous years, there is a big breakthrough, whether it is the type of product, sales volume and the amount of sales have a large degree of growth. The domestic game "fate of the Three Kingdoms" listing, by the foreign famous companies do total global sales, released at the same time a dozen languages, and attract the world sit up and take notice. Linux software sudden emergence. Although there is still a lack of large-scale applications, but it has been a great concern to the industry, many IT vendors are confident about the broad market prospects of Linux. At present, with the increasing number of foreign brands have increased investment, anti-virus software market competition intensified. Market share from the past KV3000 and KILL rising, three of the world pattern changes to the KV3000 today, rising, Kingsoft three points in the world. Translation software in the last year, no one in the list. In the past has been much loved by users of translation software such as Kingsoft PowerWord, Oriental Express, etc. have been squeezed out of the bureau. This is probably on the market with this type of software has become saturated, the new product upgrade technology is not as high as the product price increases.

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