in our each person’s impression, is the winter snow season, especially in some southern areas of our domestic, but some places in October this year, the Yunnan Chinese appeared the snowfall weather, become the first autumn snow fall.

affected by low pressure and the cold air of the bay of Bengal, the beginning of 8, Yunnan appears more continuous rainfall in cold weather, Shangri-La, Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Kunming, Huize, Qujing chair mountain Dashanbao in Zhaotong and Qiaojia, but also ushered in the first year of autumn snow.

Dali snow

the sudden snow weather, Yunnan maxed circle of friends. At the same time watching the beauty, users also referred to frozen dog".

"Kunming University of Science and Technology International College Youth League" quipped, "a winter rain into the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan snow! In Yunnan spring, summer, autumn and winter random play. Please cherish every friend you read in Yunnan! Because these days they have frozen into a dog! Wang! Wang! Wang!"

Kunming netizen "Si Jing", "China city can be divided into three categories: one is the ordinary city like Chengdu, the order of play two seasons; is like Xishuangbanna Art City, summer single cycle; three is like Kunming city check it out throughout the year, random play. Yesterday, 26 degrees, 14 degrees today, the people of Kunming are very busy every day, busy to wear long johns, and Long Johns, wearing long johns……"

the meteorological department, from the beginning of 11, most of the rainfall in Yunnan will be significantly reduced, the temperature will rise slowly, but the temperature is still very low, need to pay attention to keep warm.

for the Yunnan dump heavy snow, also caused many netizens hot, at the same time, but also to remind some friends in Yunnan need to pay attention and warm clothes, because affected by the strong cold air, the local temperature dropped badly.


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