recently, Jiangsu, Nanjing inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff in their daily work found a thorn is also called the mold biological. After the identification of the Jiangsu Bureau of plant quarantine laboratory, the weeds are also thorn mold, long leaves and quinoa, which is also referred to as the mold of the quarantine pest, Nanjing port for the first time intercepted.

found some weeds in spices, after laboratory of Jiangsu Bureau of plant quarantine and identification, weed for thorn also die, Ribgrass and quinoa, among them, thorn also dies for quarantine pests, Nanjing port intercepted for the first time this year.

it is understood that the thorn thorn also die die also has strong adaptability, growth in dry to moist environment can, generally grow in coastal sandy land and grassland environment, natural conditions can be through the barbed fruit adhesion in sole and vehicle tire spread. Because its prickly fruit can cause harm to humans and animals.

the organisms are not only harmful to people’s health, but also let the injured animal, because of its prickly fruit will cause harm to human and animal, and can pose a threat to cereal crop growth, causing serious impact on agricultural production in China, which will be included in the list of "biological People’s Republic of China entry plant quarantine pests".

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