this is an information age, a variety of mixed messages, true and false, the information about the business contains a lot of lies. Entrepreneurial information common lies in the following five, entrepreneurs can take a good look, so as not to be deceived.


[] "Chinese lies terminator financial channel economic life survey" found:   1/5 the family intends to participate in entrepreneurship!


"you start?" might soon become people greet each other’s prologue.

[two] business lies are rich handsome elite thing to consider, in addition to Ma to a successful counter attack, grass root are only quietly watching others overnight, and then quietly in my whole life.

[] "Chinese lies terminator financial channel economic life survey" found:   entrepreneurial wave   high level of education and income has the lowest entrepreneurial intention!

from age: all ages show a strong entrepreneurial intention, of which 26-45 years old respondents entrepreneurial intention is the most obvious (26-35 years old (33.5%), 36-45 (31.6%)), far higher than the average power; 90 new entrepreneurial intention accounted for nearly 20% (at the age of 18-25 (18%)); even more than 60 of the elderly have 2% people expressed interest in Entrepreneurship (over 60 years old (2.2%)).



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