no matter what kind of a shop, only the true by the customer’s welcome, such a shop can have a better development in the long run. However, how can we open a popular shop, which is actually a skill to speak of. So, how to open a popular porridge shop?

1, visit at least 10 porridge shop, taste their signature porridge, consult their boss, see if you can get some advice to their customers, to find out their shortcomings.

2, visited some of the more than mid-range office, ask those who work on the problem of porridge. For example: love what kind of porridge to drink, what is more time to drink porridge and so on.

3, their first attempt at home, the porridge boil out to eat, let family, friends, from the 30 kinds of selected 10-20.

4, the selection of porridge for careful classification, to ensure that in each season in the morning and evening are at least one suitable for the elderly, children, men, women porridge.

of course, here is mainly introduced to provide a real favorite diners porridge products, for the operation of the entire store, naturally there are more tips. In short, if you want to open a popular porridge shop, you need to do more work oh.

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